This weeks #HRMLunchToday focused exclusively on #Sandwiches

5. Kel’s Deli – Mixed Meat
Piled high for $4 with standard veggies get on Rye with Mustard it won’t disappoint
-Wyse Rd Dartmouth

4. Kaisers- Classic Sub
I’ll often stop here on the way from Martock the classic sub like the location on Sackville Drive really hasn’t changed since the 70’s and that is a good thing

3. Pete’s – Carved Meat Sandwiches
Daily Pet’s Roasts Brisket, Lamb, Chicken, Turkey and makes them into fantastic fresh carved sandwiches the Lamb in particular is a personal favourite
-Sunnyside Bedford, Dresden Row or Upper Water St Halifax Pete’s Sandwiches

2. Vesuvius – Italian Market
Hot Calabrese, Provolone and Black Olive Paste on a Focaccia bun, Simple and fantastic
They have lots of other sandwiches as well but this is the champ Italian Market Sandwiches

1.Salvatore’s – Meatball Hero
This homemade Meatball on homemade baguette with homemade Sauce sandwich topped with black olive, onions and mayo and then baked in the pizza oven is a masterpiece of a sandwich
they have other Hero’s on the menu but this is so perfect I have never tried another Sal’s Menu

Honourable Mention goes to the pulled pork at Boneheads but it would be unjust to send you there for a sandwich when the loose plates with sides are the reason to visit Boneheads Menu