Author: Arthur

Retro Sunday: April 1987 25 years ago

That is a sweet machine for only $2500 and why was a store setup on the 4th floor on Barrington Street? was retail space really that hard to get? Doctor Piano stillĀ  going but now on Bayers Rd GlubesĀ  was selling home...

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Twitter Highlights March 26-April 1

I can’t believe that saving the Peggy’s Cove lighthouse is even a debatable subject #halifax Nova Vaults is opening on Quinpool in the blockbuster building self service safety deposit boxes. Odd...

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Twitter Highlights March 18-25

Summit Spa is close to moving into the new TD building on SGR and moving out of their temporary funeral home digs on Robie Global TV finishing plans for moving into Palookas on Gottingen, Streetside studio? jane’s closing...

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Portland Valley: Eisner

Continuing the Portland Valley Shopping Pocket I remember when Eisner Drive was was a long farm dirt road we used to drive down to buy our eggs. Things really changed in the late 80’s when SuperStore built it’s 2nd...

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