Author: Arthur

HalifaxReTales on the Go

I’ll be in the UK from April 19 to May 7 in my absence I have #HRMLunch queued up to publish every weekday at 11am and I have a few Retro articles coming up as well I’ll be post intermittently while I am gone, and...

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Retro Wednesday: Maxwells Plum 2002

They had a Steak Special on Mondays for $2.99 and 60 Beers on Tap Today they still have a steak Special but now on Tuesday and now it is a 14oz strip for $6.99 (and it’s tasty with their still 60 beers on tap)

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Opinion: My Vision of Argyle

  Argyle street has the potential for pedestrian greatness and this is my rough idea There are some issues to overcome but a closure from Duke to Carmichael sitting on one side is City Hall and Grand ParadeĀ  on the other...

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