Sully & Porter is now open on Oxford at Liverpool (formerly Local Jo)

Can-Indian Kitchen is now open on Quinpool where Chanoeys was


Royal King restaurant in Sackville has closed its doors

Clothing store Lark & Finch at 1669 Barrington St has closed their doors

An Indian Restaurant is going in at the entrance to Birchlee Estates in Harrietsfield on the Old Sambro Road.

Guitar Central on Dutch Village Road is closing


The Charger Burger at 601 Sackville Drive is now cobranded as Wowly, their burrito and taco menu you may have seen on delivery apps

The L’Occitane en Provence store in Halifax Shopping Centre will temporarily close Saturday for a makeover and return at the end of summer

The Mumford Walmart is getting an $8.7M renovation it will be a proper supercentre versus the patchwork one they have now. That indicates to me the redevelopment of that part of the property is likely at least 10 years away

The Dartmouth Crossing, Structube has completed their move is now open beside Best Buy