Crumbl Cookies is opening later this year in the Village Shops of Dartmouth Crossing

Minato Sushi has officially announced they will close in September

The Steve Madden store is now open in Halifax Shopping Centre

Sage & Sweetgrass has opened their second location, this time in Queen’s Marque on Lower Water Street

The now former Dodo’s on Young Street is becoming a second location of Peppercorns
(which opened location one on the Bedford Hwy at Hammonds Plains April 2023)

The Skechers in The Village Shops of Dartmouth Crossing has opened

Delhi Delight, The Feasts or any of there 5-6 other ghost kitchen names are gone from Gus’
The new kitchen at 2605 Agricola will soon be Chamos -(Venezuelan)

a Pria Cafe & Deli is now op en at 2444 Agricola