Stillwell Brewing has opened their brewery retail shop and tap room at 3670 Kempt Road. 

Harnois Énergies is entering the area, their first local venture is the now former Irving on Main Street near the Forest Hills Parkway. They have rebranded it as Mobil for the pumps and Proxi replaces the Circle K. There will be many of the Esso and Wilson’s gas station also becoming Proxi for the store.

 Sushi spot Zen House is now open on Brenton Street where Primal most recently was.


Caissie Pizza replacing SpiceBox on the Bedford Higway beside Bridgeview Grocery, which recently changed ownership.

Meltwich which offers grilled cheese and french fries creations looks ready to open this week on Spring Garden Road near Dresden Row.


Catching up on some loose ends.

Into The Wild pet store on Main Street is gone.

Huole which used to be on Spring Garden now operates out of M&Y Grocery on Quinpool Road as a takeout.

Scotiabank is opening a location on Larry Uteck Boulevard at Broad Street.