Originally slated for late Spring 2020, Denny’s is a little closer with signage finally being put up. It is part of the Sandman Signature Hotel off Wright Avenue in Burnside beside Dartmouth Crossing. The new site will also be home of Bar One, with typical hotel restaurant fare. No exact dates are set but the hotel is accepting reservations from September 15.


Another blow for the Scotia Square food court as Sushi Tonari has closed

The “spiritual and metaphysical” shop Drala has closed their shop

Riot Pixie in Woodside has also close


Last week I mentioned Dodo’s Chicken (peri-peri) had opened at Monaghan Square on Young Street, well Radish Chicken (fried) has also opened a couple doors away¬†


Supplement King’s first storefront has moved down the hall a bit and their new Park Lane is quadruple the size of the original