East Cup Coffee Roastery & Cafe.1936 Robie St. is open (just south of the Atlantica)

The secondnd location of Antionette’s Cheesecakes is now open at 771 Bedford Hwy, in the converted Esquire Plaza

Breakfast chain Ben & Florentine is now open on Peakview bty the Larry Uteck Sobeys. A second location is coming this spring to the plaza of the Portland Superstore


Good Robot Brewing is taking over the short lived Hook em & Cook em and opening a small brewery.

The property with the Irving on Sackville Dr and Beaver Bankwill be home to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, later this year

Fairview, Mexico Lindo out Ala Eh! Eatery (filipino)coming in


Used clothing shop The Has Bin has left their Agricola St home this week, and moving in with Glitter Bean Cafe on Spring Garden early next month


Copper Branch on Lower Water has closed

Eateries, Julep and Hermitage have closed
“It is with a sad and extremely disappointed heart that I must close Hermitage and Julep immediately. As of today, we will no longer be operating at these locations. I would like to thank everyone who has joined us and supported our wonderful restaurants over the last seven years at all our locations. Due to skyrocketing costs, food inflation, Covid shutdowns and debts incurred over the past three years, it has become impossible to operate sustainably.

Our amazingly talented staff will be receiving a severance package that will allow enough time for them to pursue other career paths. Please welcome them into your establishments knowing they are well trained and highly motivated members of our beloved industry.
As a small business owner, it is very difficult to pour your entire being into a project and have no choice but to give it up. I wish this feeling on no one, but I am positive and hopeful for what is to come. I sincerely want to thank this wonderful city and province for helping us make incredible memories, and my senior support, managers, and staff for creating unforgettable restaurants.

Lawrence Deneau”

The Olsen Europe store in Halifax Shopping Centre has closed redirecting customers to their Park Lane store

Melanie Lynn also leaving HSC



Halifax ReTales turned 11 this week!

The plan is to completely tear down the Canadian Tire Gas Bar on the corner of Bayers/Connaught and replace it with another gas station (Irving)

Not sure which unit but PetSmart coming to Halifax Shopping Centre

A BIg LOss

With extreme sorrow, I am sharing the passing of local legend Shuji Manabe. He has given me such culinary joy over the last 25 years starting at Momoya

My sympathies are with his family and everyone who was touched by his magic. wish in late December when I was at Doraku I had given him a hug.

When my son was young he would order a roll from Doraku after soccer practice 10 years old he’d go in pick up his roll and Shuji would often serve him direct. And if we ate in as a family he always had something special come to the table for the boy.

I am devastated, but it is a reminder to really appreciate folks in the service industry that become part of your life.

Doraku will continue on in his honour