East Coast Dog ” a boutique pet store & professional dog grooming salon” is now open at 3180Isleville in The Hydrostone

Fawn Restaurant “An Elegant Take on the Classics” is now open at 1581 South Park Street

HodgePodge is still open for pickups (or new orders) until Friday Dec 15. However, through your support of this Halifax ReTales and Power Promotional Products venture. We have donated $3000 to The Dartmouth Community Fridge and $3000 to The North Grove both helping food security in Dartmouth. We also donated $500 to Phoenix House 


A few weeks ago Freshii and the Pizza Girls Katch both closed up in the Scotia Square food court.

Future Developments 

There is a trend moving to redeveloping retail sites into mixed use residential. I’ll share two I came across this week. Both of these projects will be built in phases, and could take up to 20 years to complete

First off is Park West on the corner of Dunbrack and Lacewood in Clayton Park. The Crombie (Sobeys) owned property would add buildings in pairs A & B followed by C & D etc.  As the new building go up they would have ground floor commercial  having a spot for shop and services. There will already be 8 building in place by the time they come for the plaza.

The other is the “M District Lands” (Big Dartmouth Mall) adding roughly 2500 residential units to the property, adding green space and a connection to the Shubie Park trails. The mall was purchased by Joe Ramia’s Rank Inc. last year with this in mind. Parking would also increase by moving it underground. The first addtion would be the 3 buildings at the bottom left.