Apartment 3 Espresso Bar has opened location number two. They are sharing space with Queensbury Rules Boxing Studio at 1565 South Park St.  

Stillwell Brewing is open at 3760 Kempt Road for retail sales and sampling

Pizza Pizza, has opened its latest location on Herring Cove Road and the next one is slated for Sackville Drive in the new year

A few weeks back a tandoor restaurant coming to the Esquire Plaza on Bedford Highway, well, I read the sign wrong and it’s actually a Syrian restaurant called Tanoor which is now open


No timeline but PetValu is opening stores on Quinpool in the TED beside KFC and in Porters Lake in the plaza by Superstore.

Korean restaurant Backoos is coming to 3600 Kempt Rd (beside Wendys) and it will also be home of their Korean winery.


The Childrens Place location in Dartmouth will be closing next month, The halifax location remains open.


Zero-waste shop The Tare Shop has closed their orginal Halifax location but remain open on Portland Street in Downtown Dartmouth.

From Saltwire

This week for Saltwire I talk about CFEEWLZ the new cafe van from Total Donut Solutions in Spryfield
“Over the last five years, maybe you have been to Java Blend, Corrado Tasting Room, Alteregos, Goodfare or Espresso 46 and thought, this is an excellent doughnut or croissant. Chances are, you were eating something from Total Donut Solutions.”

they are setting up for now Thu-Sat 8-1 by the Guardian on Herring Cove Rd”

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The developers of the land of The Big Dartmouth Mall are referring to the project as the M District and said they will have a newname for the mall.


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I added my 2022 shop of the year, which is:
The Great British Shop 

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The Narrows Public House 

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