Lily Pad Cat Lounge on Portland St (by McDs) is closing up, their 5y lease is up and they have decided to spend more time with family


NB based exotic junk food store Candy Depot is opening in the shops at Dartmouth Crossing by Christmas

University Apartments on Seymour Street (near Coburg) will have a ramen spot called Noods and a co-op coffee shop called Bestie


Things have been resolved, the staff is in place and Rudy & Olives on the Bedford Highway (793)reopens Monday. Glad to see they are coming back, good food.

I mean I can argue these lines have been consistently longer than Popeyes were but once you are through security at Stanfield, La Cocina Mexicana has opened.

Xena’s Bread and Butter, a Filipino bakery and eatery is opening on Brunswick at Cogswell