Turbo Chicken on Quinpool (at Kline) opened this week, serving chicken burgers and fingers, it is related to Charger Burger

Ontario chain Score Pizza opened this week as well. They are on Barrington at Sackville “unlimited topping, stone fired, thin crust pizza”


Dodo’s Chicken will be opening at Monaghan Square on Young Street. There is a Galo de Barcelos, and the words Peri Peri, so one is to assume Portuguese style chicken 

From SaltWire 

This week for SaltWire I talk about mom and baby shop, Flora James Shop
which is opening this week on Brunswick.

Flora James Shop is inclusive for all and welcomes everyone, selling products from skincare and pottery to sustainable children’s toys. I wanted a shop that had things I love personally and have created great relationships with the makers and vendors themselves, as well as aligned with my personal values,” Doiron said.

A GoodBYe

Yesterday Halifax ReTales only ever employee, Squishy the former Barketing Manager had to be put to sleep. She produced zero results or leads, but she will very much be missed.