Pur & Simple is indicating they are opening (no dates) at 15 Peak View in the Larry Uteck area. Unit 15 is already all occupied so I assume they mean somewhere in Hemlock Square likely part of the new build by McDonald’s

It sounds like the new Winners location in Mic Mac Mall and , its spinoff new HomeSense store in Dartmouth Crossing will be opening on Wednesday (as well as the rest of the local stores)

Vessel Meats has made the leap from market vendor to their new butcher shop in North End Dartmouth. You can find them at 6 Primrose St. and back at farmers markets when they start opening again.

Korean take-out, Let’s Ko is closing their Bedford Hwy restaurant on Saturday, May 30

Halifax ReTales Closed

Not surprised by this but Pier 1 who never really got in the full swing of liquidation has permanently closed its Canadian stores and won’t be returning

I hear they are looking for a new home, but Agricola street’s axe throwing bar Timber Lounge is emptied out ahead of a redevelopment of that property,

While almost across the street Agricola Street icon Brother’s Meats has finished their interior renovation and is back open.

and reminder that my list of local restaurants offering some service is always growing and I am adding 15 – 20 new entries a week

and on May 26, 2013 I decided to wrap up the week that was in handy digest in the blog and in the 7 years since I have been here every Sunday (except 1 Christmas Day, and a week I took off for my honeymoon).
Thanks to all of you for making it worth my time and effort