The Skechers Store is scheduled to open next Saturday in Halifax Shopping Centre

Sura the sister bar to Indian restaurant Rasa is now open on Birmingham, it was most recently the final home for Tom’s Little Havana

Oasis (Fashion) has opened their Mic Mac Mall store where Bench used to be

Cheers Live “Urban Country Bar” has now opened  on Grafton at Carmichael above The Roxbury

The Bayers Lake location of La Cucina will close on Sept 20. It will be ?business as usual for their Dartmouth Crossing location.

Halifax ReTales Closed

7 Peppers Grill on Quinpool has closed but will resurface once they find a new location

Rugova Pizza has closed their Barrington Street location but will be back soon at their new home on Blowers St (Paperchase)

Dartmouth Crossing updates:
Under Armour is going where Globo Shoes was
Columbia will be in the bottom of the little tower next door
•The structure by Cabela’s is Cineplex’s Playdium
•and when they start building between The Keg and McD’s get ready for some Bada Boom Bada Bing

Staggers Pub & Grub has been out of commission since a late-April storm tossed debris from a construction site next door through the roof and then the heavy rain poured through all three floors of the building, causing enough damage to close the bar.

Tuesday marked a return of the beloved watering hole. It has been a few bars over the years but when owner Debbie Phinney reopened it as Staggers in November of 2013, things started to change, and for many it became a quintessential neighbourhood bar. Staff member Terri-Linh Hua-Ayles tells me “Staggers to me is home. You walk through the door and you feel warm and welcome. It’s my second-favourite place to be.”

Phinney had spent decades in the industry before opening her own bar on Portland Street in Dartmouth and it shows. There is always something to do every evening, whether it’s live music, karaoke, trivia or special events. There is a free pool table and last year they also added a bunch of retro arcade machines, many which are a quarter a play.

Between April and now, a lot of love and strength of community has been displayed. While Phinney also dealt with insurance, she and her staff found ways to keep busy helping other local businesses, and the community at large. “The businesses that reached out to offer help in any way and that that gave staff work until our reopen was amazing.”

Phinney adds: “The amount of people that I received calls or messages from was crazy.” Completely thankful for community support, she said there were even business people that she had never met before who offered support and advice. Phinney also noted what huge support that Staggers’ neighbour Indulgence Intimate Apparel gave in offering support, advice or an ear as needed, and even taking care of simple things like the mail.

Though through the rebuild it has given Staggers a chance to make a few changes and give the bar some new style, including having to build a new bar inside. The Dart Gallery down the street has been home to artists working in the open for people to watch as they took tabletops from Staggers and turned them into works of art to go back into the pub.

Phinney had hoped to be open sooner but as is typical in situations like this the insurance process often doesn’t work as fast business owners would like. Phinney is happy just to be welcoming patrons new and old to Staggers

Voting for the The Coast: Best Of Halifax awards concludes next weekend

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