The Backyard Beer and Wine Garden is aiming to open June 1 at 10 Sonny’s Rd in Upper Tantallon across from the Superstore, the kitchen is provided by Rustic Crust.

Backoo’s will soon have a second location again, but this time location two will be in Dartmouth. It is a few months away but they are going in the base of the office tower beside the KFC on Tacoma Drive.

Tilted Tap Bar & Grill is looking to open at 172 Wyse Rd. (same plaza as Pho Hoang Minh)

Halifax ReTales Closed

Sad news but after 5 years Halifax Press Grilled Cheese Sandwiches won’t be rolling out their truck again this year.

After 1 year Wayne and Ricky’s Diner in Spryfield has closed, but right behind it Tanner’s Allstar Deli & Grill will soon open.

The proposed beer garden on Oxford at Bayer’s is not happening this year.

The Sandman hotel which is being built in Burnside will not have a Denny’s as part of the development. They are developing a new restaurant concept instead. There is still a chance though that they may build a free standing Denny’s elsewhere in town.

H&M will be moving from the third floor of Mic Mac Mall to an approximately 4000 square foot larger space beside Linen Chest on the second floor in the recently redeveloped area of the mall.

For years the white food truck would roll up to its parking spot on King Street in Downtown Dartmouth celebrating the arrival of warm weather and then roll away every November marking the start of the cold season.

Last year that all changed, King Street Fish & Chips changed hands and new owner Kevin Stefura kept the food truck open through the winter, but now he has moved the truck a block away to its new home at 20 Wentworth St. and it now has a new name — The Food Dude.

Stefura has also leased the small building next door, which was most recently Brightside Books, and he has plan. The truck will act as the kitchen and the building will become a seating area and more.

The Food Dude will, of course, have the fish and chips and burgers, but there will be more healthy options. The Food Dude will also soon be serving breakfast once the building is ready.

The coolers inside the buiding will be full of fruits and vegetables, which will be delivered fresh everyday so the residents of Downtown Dartmouth will have a convenient and affordable spot to buy produce.

Stefura is a big personality who was raised in rural Alberta but spent most of his adult life in British Columbia. He moved here a couple years ago to be closer to family who had settled here.

Growing up on a farm, Stefura has a great respect for where food comes from “and that got me a little bit in the love of food,” he said.

The transition will be in phases but The Food Dude is aiming to have the building open by April 15. In the meantime you can just step up to the window on the truck.

The Barrington Street Superstore now has digital shelf labels