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Welcome to The Ten Spot

Posted: June 21, 2016
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Welcome to The Ten Spot, a new weekly feature on a way to spend $10 in Halifax,
Some simple rules, it has to be under $10 total so if it's taxed $8.70 is the magic number.
We are not going include things like transportation costs and tipping. Though things like memberships will count, so getting 4 Costco HotDogs and Pop for $9.16 doesn't count because you need a paid annual membership. if you have any suggestions reach me on social media or

I'll start this first one off with options for the classic cheap eat, Sandwiches

What: Meatball Hero
Where: Salvatore's in the Hydrostone
Price: Large $8.45 ($9.72) Small $5.45 ($6.27)
Notes: I have been eating Sal's Meatball Heroes for over 20 years now and they always make me happy. For the vegetarians, there is the Portobello Melt at the same price which is also really quite good.

What: Mixed Meat Sandwich
Where: 2 Boys Smokehouse, Cole Harbour Rd.
Price: $4.99 ($5.75)
Notes: roughly a half pound of cold cuts most of which are made in store with veg and variety of bread options. I take mine, on rye bread and classic mustard.
This almost comes in as 2 people for $10. To be honest though,  you could split one of these giants with someone and both be content.


What: The Club
Where: Wescliff on Oxford St at Bayers Rd
Price: with fries $6 ($6.90) without $5.25
Notes: Every weekday morning Bev roasts the chickens to be used for the club, it could use more bacon, but a club with fresh chicken and fries for under $7 I'm not really complaining.


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