This is based on rumours and hearsay, but I keep hearing it from different angles. As the saying goes where there is smoke. The gist is Tesla is looking to set up an office in Dartmouth. It may even be a Candian HQ . Geographically, this makes strategic sense strengthening their five-year research partnership with Dalhousie University. The partnership begins next month. I have been told they have been headhunting for management positions locally. They have also been registered as an NS company for a couple of years now.

Though Nova Scotia might need to get a bit more Tesla friendly. Currently, there are only 4 Tesla charging stations in the province according to Tesla’s charging map. There are two at St.Marks Place in La Have, one at Trout Point Lodge and one at Killam Bros. Marina in Yarmouth, none here in HRM yet.

I have reached out for official comment.