Sorry haven’t been blogging much lately, just been living 140 characters at a time but …

Here we go a little look into how I come up with some of my info and what I observe

Well there is always the easy one when the paper on the window is clear Mills opening in Spring Garden Place


Haberneros/Cheese Curds opening on Windmill




Then there are times when a store is dark in the day and the sign on the door says they have gone out of business



Sometimes a For Lease sign in the window indicates a change and the Halifax Cycle Gallery is looking for new home

halifax cycle

In this case the lack of a sign indicates that this space has been leased


mar campus

As well as the fact the for lease sign is gone from here and there is now construction behind that paper



Now that the old Janes location is all brown papered up I’m curious what’s going on there as it was already stripped


Then sometimes what I see in windows conflicts with other info. This says that Barnes & Castle is opening soon (like it has for 2 years, but Dartmouth Crossing website no longer references




Sometimes I see a window and understand what they are going for but the Eastlink Store on SGR look just like an ad now and you can’t really tell its a storefront






and then there are windows that make me not what to frequent an establishment because it’s indicative to attention to detail

Ginger Gra(ss) hasn’t redone their sign in a few years but have posted other things in the windows during that time & Piatto its almost March 2013 the June 2012 date is well passed


gingergra   piatto2012