Sobeys @ North & Windsor, nestled on the edge of a former industrial area, in recent years the Gladstone development has spurred more dense residential buildings in the area and the area is switching over. One of 3 Sobeys on the peninsula, servicing the Central, West and North Ends. It’s main competition being Superstores on Quinpool and Young St. This Sobeys just last year went thru a major renovation last year completely swapping the orientation of the store and moving the main entrance closer to Gladstone St, away from it’s long time entrance closer to Windsor St. This was the first store of Sobeys new layout and the new store on Larry Uteck is replica.

The renovations meant a few changes took place. They now have a a gourmet coffee stand , homemade fudge and chocolates, an expanded prepared food area with pre-cut fruit and vegetables, yogurt parfaits, sandwiches hot and cold, pizza, chicken and lots of salads. Standup freezers in the meat and fish, and throughout the frozen section. I should count how many doors they have in there now. The Meat and Seafood departments are side by and offer great service and selection. The Deli section seems to have suffered a bit with the prepared food focus, I often find it hard to get immediate service at the counter and the selection of meats and cheese is weak compared, to option provided at Superstore with their PC label. Also why do they not carry Bocconcini? The Bakery carries Julien’s bread and have the traditional white flour specialties you expect from Sobeys. Into the Pharmacy area very typical I often wonder why Sobeys just doesn’t use their Lawtons brand in store. The Grocery section is what you would expect but a decent selection of organic and healthy foods near the produce and an international aisle which provides some unique items. Another new feature is a dedicated pet section which includes some refrigerated goods for your 4 legged friends.

The Early morning cashier crew is a fantastic and friendly group of seasoned vets, and the supper crowd is friendly but not necessarily speedy. The new express lane maze isn’t well thought out. There are self serve checkouts available as well.

Overall it’s a decent shiny new store with wide selection and good customer service.