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Tag: Sackville

Trying to Find the Ugliest Street in HRM

Looking For Candidates  for the Ugliest Street in HRM you know that street that you drive down that you think is gross or that street you just won’t walk down because it hurts your sense aesthetic that’s what I am...

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Retro: Halifax 1980’s TV Ads

0:00 Papa Gino’s Restaurant Oh Papa Gino’s, Halifax has come so far though I do miss the building where the Mariott Residence Inn is today. 0:32 High Liner Not the finest of High Liner commercials, “Ever been...

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Gourmet Food Trucks in HRM?

Originally Posted on Wed March 21   Well not quite yet. There is the encouraging Soups on the Move in the Parking lot of Dartmouth Surplus in Burnside, but that is part of the issue with food trucks there is...

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