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Some Ads from Tall Ships 84

every gets excited about the Tall Ships and the first was a buzz in the city here are some ads from June 1984, click to enlarge any of the pics Downtown Dartmouth Merchants were in on on it Spring Garden Merchants were in as...

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Retro: Halifax 1980’s TV Ads

0:00 Papa Gino’s Restaurant Oh Papa Gino’s, Halifax has come so far though I do miss the building where the Mariott Residence Inn is today. 0:32 High Liner Not the finest of High Liner commercials, “Ever been...

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Retro Wednesday: Burnside 1982

I found this map of Burnside in April 1982, Burnside has grown a lot in the last 30 years. this overlays to this Burnside is a success though it keeps expanding and few vacancies. The area employs over 17000...

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Retro Wednesday: Maxwells Plum 2002

They had a Steak Special on Mondays for $2.99 and 60 Beers on Tap Today they still have a steak Special but now on Tuesday and now it is a 14oz strip for $6.99 (and it’s tasty with their still 60 beers on tap)

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Retro Sunday: April 1987 25 years ago

That is a sweet machine for only $2500 and why was a store setup on the 4th floor on Barrington Street? was retail space really that hard to get? Doctor Piano still  going but now on Bayers Rd Glubes  was selling home...

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Ikea in Burnside?

OK a little misleading for Retro Sunday but it is April fools day 25 years ago in 1987 we had our own IKEA right here in HRM in fact it was the first IKEA in North America but when it came to rebuild it was determined we were...

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