Blue Elephant, Online Groceries and a Denny’s?

In the Larry Uteck area, Blue Elephant Thai is open, and Nayya Pizza has completed their move from the Bedford Highway A few months ago when I [...]

Online Grocery is Here at Superstore

Click and Collect Grocery officially arrives at some Atlantic Superstores on Tuesday (Dec 5th) but the site is live now (and some users have a sneak preview [...]

Arby’s, Beer Advent, Tramps and IKEA?

Quebec-based Basha Lebanese has opened on Inglis St where Vinnie's was. Arby's in Bedford is closing at the end of the year, limited time to get your [...]

Crepes, Another Froyo Closes

Farmers are the first out of the gate to start downsizing packaging, some creams are already  down to 473ml and I hear all the 500ml packages will become [...]

Retales June 9: PepperJacks, London Loft and Bargain Shop close but …

There have been a few closures this week but as well there were quite a few openings Candy Store SugaRush opened on Sackville Dr Habaneros had their  [...]