Le Creuset, Stores on the Move, IKEA and PJ’s?

A few weeks ago I said that IKEA would open on Sept 22, well I was close it will open to the public on Sept 27. In the meantime, IKEA has mailed the 2018  catalogue to most metro homes and if you didn't get it yet, you probably will this week. A fish monger and seafood restaurant, called Hook'em and Cook'em is planning to open in the former [...]

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Fish and Chip Countdown

From last weeks #HRMLunchToday #FishChipList  from the twitter feed here are the results 5. Henry House - the fish chips are good and the english Pub Atmosphere ads to the [...]

Tacoma Main Street Pocket

[map kml="http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&authuser=0&msa=0&output=kml&msid=212045370958847638521.0004b873f71b89d92436e"] Just a little past Dartmouth [...]