25 Years Ago We Met Price Club

On November 18, 1992, the Price Club (Costco) opened at 230 Chain Lake Drive, and for better or worse the face of retail in HRM changed forever The opening was not without a whole lot of drama; First off, Price Club had initially signed a deal with Joe Ramia to construct their new warehouse beside the already built [...]

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Wasted Spaces: Oxford at Oak

Well it doesn't answer the question of the history (that it it used to be Cleveland Industries a strangely located marine supply shop) but Planning Application 16958 tells [...]

Retro Sunday: March 93

Who doesn't remember these Nemo's coupons I don't think I ever ate at Nemo's for full price (now it seems Salty's is the 2for coupon) Cleve's really hasn't changed [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-17

I ordered 2 doz Krispy Kreme's http://t.co/zsF5H6u9 and I'm helping out the kids # RT @yelphalifax: Oh you know just crying with the @LoveMeBoutique crew after [...]

Retro Wednesday: March 1993 Sobeys AD

Quite a bit hasn't really changed that much in price since [...]

Opinion: The Commons?

We all now know the success of the oval, and shows Haligonians are willing to use public space in droves, but what about the rest of the commons or that big open space in the [...]

Opinions: I Love @NocturneHalifax

Nocturne art at night which enters it's 5th year of enlightening Halifax with a night of art. I remember last year going down and thinking what a fabulous beacon this event [...]