Short Lived Restaurants, New Fast Food, Weed and Baseball

A new Tropical Fish store "Aquatica" opened in Bedford in the CIBC Building across from Sunnyside Mall. Marks Well Worn (formerly Work Warehouse) have a popup store in Spring Garden Place for Christmas. SportsWheels is opening an indoor baseball training facility, behind the First Lake Sobeys in Sackville, next month. The Rustic Crust is [...]

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Portland Valley: Eisner

Continuing the Portland Valley Shopping Pocket I remember when Eisner Drive was was a long farm dirt road we used to drive down to buy our eggs. Things really changed in [...]

Retro Wednesday: April 1962 50 Years ago

A couple ads for business that are still around today Canadian Tire had stores on Quinpool and Herring Cove Rd 50 years And Hillcrest Volkswagen was selling us das [...]

Portland Valley: Woodlawn

Continuing on with the Portland Valley Shopping Pocket Woodlawn has gone through some changes. In Area 1 Woodlawn Mall started as an enclosed Mall with Save Easy on one end [...]

Portland Valley: Penhorn

1st installment of  Portland Valley Shopping Pocket Penhorn Mall once stood where areas 1-4 are, my first real job was at Sobeys Penhorn as a parcel pickup monkey (good [...]

Shopping Pockets: Portland Valley

Portland Valley the Retail area of Portland Street that crosses the 111 (exit 7w) in Dartmouth I have separated into 5 sub areas Penhorn - where Penhorn Mall once [...]

Guest Restaurant Review: Sushi Nami – Dresden Row

Where: Sushi Nami Dresdon Row Location Time: Late Dinner 8:45 pm Dinner for two. It was busy, but not packed. We were seated immediately. I had a diet pepsi and my brother [...]