Halifax Grocery Comparison, Revisiting Old Posts

OK circling back to a post I first did in 2013 when Walmart entered the grocery game  I then revisited it in 2014  and again in 2015 well now it's 2017 and I want to see what has changed. •I'm using a similar list to what I used the first two times, and yes there are those who complained what I chose •This is only comparing Sobeys, [...]

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Guest Restaurant Review: Sushi Nami – Dresden Row

Where: Sushi Nami Dresdon Row Location Time: Late Dinner 8:45 pm Dinner for two. It was busy, but not packed. We were seated immediately. I had a diet pepsi and my brother [...]

Ikea in Burnside?

OK a little misleading for Retro Sunday but it is April fools day 25 years ago in 1987 we had our own IKEA right here in HRM in fact it was the first IKEA in North America [...]

Guest Restaurant Review: Wasabi House – Quinpool Road

Where: Wasabi House (Quinpool Rd across from the Oxford Theatre) Time: 9pm There has been at least 3 different restaurants in that spot since the original greek one that [...]

Rumour: The Future of the BLIP?

The future of the the Bayers Lake Industrial Park (BLIP) may look something like this.   (Click Picture to Enlarge) The questions I ask Can the BLIP [...]

Restaurant Review: Ardmore Tea Room

Where: Ardmore Tea Room on Quinpool Road When: Today at 11:30 am On my way to work, we decided to have a quick breakfast. The Ardmore Tea Room is really a hole in the wall [...]