Halifax Grocery Comparison, Revisiting Old Posts

OK circling back to a post I first did in 2013 when Walmart entered the grocery game  I then revisited it in 2014  and again in 2015 well now it's 2017 and I want to see what has changed. •I'm using a similar list to what I used the first two times, and yes there are those who complained what I chose •This is only comparing Sobeys, [...]

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New Furniture Store Opening in Dartmouth, It’s Not What You Think

I am told this is the way to post so I make money. Create a leading question so people come to the website and I increase site visits there by creating a greater exposure [...]

Dartmouth Cider, Ace at Gus Ending

It's another figurative summer over and back to school year routines Part of the former Neiforth Furnishing at 35 Portland St is going to be "Lake City Cider [...]

The Oxford Says Goodbye, Lego, Izakaya, Bar Kismet and More Say Hello

It's Labour Day the figurative end of summer and the autumn weather set in just in time for the return of Pumpkin Spice everything ... A 3rd Party Lego retailer and [...]

Mezza, End of The Argyle and Eggs Benny Pizza

  The Argyle Bar and Grill bar is closing next month. There is blame being cast at the construction woes however the current owners took over just last year [...]

Le Creuset, Stores on the Move, IKEA and PJ’s?

A few weeks ago I said that IKEA would open on Sept 22, well I was close it will open to the public on Sept 27. In the meantime, IKEA has mailed the 2018  catalogue [...]

Bedford Pub, Dartmouth BBQ, South End Ramen, North End Vegetarian

A second Millstone Public House will be opening in Bedford's Sante Centre (across from BMO Centre). The first one on Baker Dr in Dartmouth opened in February [...]