Reposted from Reddit with permission from brittanyandrupert

Hello! I’m making this post to help other Haligonians and visitors of Halifax who love dogs! I have a 12 pound chocolate Havanese named Rupert who’s hypoallergenic, loves people and loves to get out and have fun. He’s my best friend and I enjoy spending time with him, so I do whenever I get the chance.

Not all places are very open about whether you can take your dog or not. So here is a list that I’ve created via research on the internet and personally asking establishments.

Important note: If your dog isn’t allowed, don’t try to pass them off as a service dog. If your dog is aggressive, or you’re unsure of their behavior, please don’t take your dog with you as someone or something could get hurt. Not to mention, it would ruin responsible dog owner’s reputations! If your dog is really hairy, groom them so you don’t willingly cause allergic reactions! Of course, if they aren’t potty trained, don’t bother taking them anywhere. And finally, if you don’t like dogs, but the dog is friendly and not bothering you, don’t go near it. I don’t like kids but I still go shopping lol.

The owner is 100% responsible for the dog by law, so please make the right choice.

First and foremost, dogs are obviously allowed at all pet stores, veterinary hospitals, dog parks, etc.

Halifax Spring Garden Road: American Apparel, Atlantic News, BMO, Be Gorgeous, Better Than Her Boutique, Bookmark, CIBC, Cintimani, Credit Union, CWT, Duggers, East of Montreal, Eastlink, Charm Diamond, Clay Cafe, Duly Noted, Dress In Time, Frame It, Hakim Optical, Jennifer’s, Le Chateau, LuLu Lemon, Pink Mascara, P’Lovers, Project 9, Put Me On, Roots, Rogers, Running Room, Soccer Stop, Splurge, Sweet Janes, Sweet Pea, TD, Twisted Muse, Wildflower, Winsby’s, Woozles, YKN Sunglasses

Bayers Lake: Chapters, Staples, Best Buy, Michaels, Kent (Contrary to popular belief) Kent is the ONLY home improvement store in Bayers Lake that you can take your dog into.)

Attractions: Shakespeare by the Sea, Citadel Hill (But not inside buildings)

Dartmouth Crossing and mall area: Banana Republic Factory Store, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, Canadian Tire* (Note, this may have changed as some other Canadian Tires allow dogs), Chatters Salon, Hallmark, La vie en Rose, Le Chateau, Life Salon Spa, Marshall’s, Melanie Lyne, Michael’s, Pier 1, Pseudio, Roots, Sportchek, Staples, Take It Outside, Hockey Life, Telus, Structube, Toys R Us, Chapters, Surplus Furniture

Halifax Quinpool: Acadia and Quigley, Aerobics First, Ash Jewelry, Bhavana Yoga, BMO, Bib N Tucker, Burke and Burke, Canadian Tire*, CIBC, Elegant Touch, Fergus Ford, Flower Trends, Hairs To Ya Long Alley Bikes, Nautilus Hobbies, Deckbox, Oddfellows Barber, Proskates, Shoe Repair, RBC, Scotiabank, Second Gallery, TD, Ikebana Shop, Medicine Shoppe, Trail Shop, Trinity Jewelers, Zephyr Home

Sackville: Ripsters, Bay Rentals, Canadian Tire*, Cleve’s, Scotiabank, TD, Wilson’s Gas

Bedford: RONA, Winners, Staples, Michael’s, Long + Mcquade

Other: Long + Mcquade Halifax, Army Navy Store

Restaurants: The Old Fish Factory ON DECK – Lunenburg, Annie’s Place ON SIDEWALK SEAT AREA – Halifax, Ela! ON PATIO – Dartmouth Crossing, Sushi Nami ON PATIO – Dartmouth Crossing, Woody’s BBQ ON PATIO – Dartmouth Crossing, Most food stands, since they’re on public property, Steve O’ Renos ON PATIO– Halifax, Julien’s Patisserie, Bakery and Café – Halifax, Cempoal de la Calavera Negro – Halifax, Pavia – Halifax, Stayner’s Warf ON PATIO – Halifax, Murphey’s ON PATIO – Halifax Coburg Coffee – Halifax (You can bring the dog inside while you’re waiting in line, but you have to eat outside.)