Ready Whole Chicken Roundup

In the white down of winter, I was feeling peckish and a little cooped up. I head out to the store to get a few things. I decide to buy a "rotisserie" chicken [...]

Beer Garden, Casino Buffet and Supercars?

Greek Village on Agricola Street, has closed I hear that someone else is taking over the spot. A Discount Hub is opening in Bayers Lake beside [...]

CBRM Pizza Comes to HRM! and Turtles?

Capers talk lovingly and long for their pizza. Well, Cape Bretoners rejoice! Kennys Pizza is opening early this summer in the former DQ on Cole [...]

Dartmouth Icon Closing

A weird week this one is with retail taking a long break due to the storm. There have in turn been supply issues in grocery stores with some items like [...]

The End of Era on Clyde

Just a short update this week A couple of NSLC notes, the First Lake NSLC Express will soft open on the Monday the 27th Meanwhile, on the peninsula, [...]

Simons? Star Fresh and Good Food Emporium down.

RUMOUR: I don't have official confirmation. As I understand it and I don't have any of the timings down, but Sears has agreed to sell their Halifax [...]