Pizza, Chinese, Vegetarian, Cocktails and Steak

The second full location of Quinpool's Heartwood Restaurant is now open on Gottingen St. near the Hydrostone  Vandal Doughnuts are up and running [...]

Asian Grocery, Espresso, Payless and Lego

I have a longer message here, but I can't thank you all enough for voting Halifax ReTales, the Gold winner for Best Blogger and Best Twitterer in The [...]

Welcome to the Best Blog in Halifax!

When I started this idea in January of 2012, I had no idea what ReTales would become. The genesis came from me recovering from a mental health crisis and [...]

Art, Tea, Cats and More

BOO! The end of October is upon us!! Well the old Tims on Langbrae is going to be children's art centre  Tartan Tea House [...]

Retro, Chicken, Vegan, Coffee and More

This week I'll start with an ask from you, I plan to expand Halifax ReTales and already have some ideas on the board for regular weekly features and [...]

Halifax Grocery Comparison, Revisiting Old Posts

OK circling back to a post I first did in 2013 when Walmart entered the grocery game  I then revisited it in 2014  and again in 2015 well now it's 2017 and [...]