The End of Era on Clyde

Just a short update this week A couple of NSLC notes, the First Lake NSLC Express will soft open on the Monday the 27th Meanwhile, on the peninsula, [...]

Simons? Star Fresh and Good Food Emporium down.

RUMOUR: I don't have official confirmation. As I understand it and I don't have any of the timings down, but Sears has agreed to sell their Halifax [...]

End of HMV, All Day McDs Coming, Froyo

The Ramada in Burnside is closing this week, it's getting extensively renovated and will reopen under another brand later this year, I hear it will be [...]

5 Years! Mic Mac On The Mend and Late Night Breakfast

This week I have to start out with a large thank you! This week marked the 5th anniversary of Halifax ReTales. Everyone who supports this venture by [...]

Bier Markt, Jugo Juice, Dollarama, Vino Volo

Bier Markt is opening in the Nova Centre this summer ahead of the convention centre. Bier Markt boasts 150 beers from 30 countries and is owned by [...]

Schnitzel and Phorritos

Patty Cakes in Lower Sackville has closed, they had just opened in September. Nutrition shop GNC has opened in Colby Village Plaza beside [...]