ReTales Oct 27: Spring Garden Area Biz Closures, McDs in Scotia Square, Louisiana Bayou

Louisiana Bayou & New Orleans Grill is now open on the Corner of Granville and Salter, hopefully this one lasts as that spot has had numerous different restos [...]

July 21: New South End Shops, Five Guys? and Tims 126.

  HRM welcomes it's 126th Tim Hortons to Tantallon in front of the Canadian Tire that means there will now be 1 Tims for every 3283 people in [...]

ReTales June 23: Tummy Donut,Park Lane Goodlife expands & Hurricane City arrives

First Happy Summer, 2nd Halifax just turned 264 on Friday Went to the shops at Queens Landing (the shacks just outside Halifax Ferry Terminal) & [...]


Updated 5 minutes ago#PhilosophiesFor2013 next time you are going out to dinner consider supporting a local restaurant instead of a chain! even in BLIP & [...]

Week ending Nov 18 2012

Openings and closings, we lose One Stop Wood Shop, Hideaway Pub, TAO and Applebees but gain HaliDeliCostco has been with us 20 years and Trail Shop for 45 So [...]

Costco 20 years ago

On Nov 18 1992, Price Club opened it's doors in the the Bayers lake Industrial Park, and the park has been rife with controversy from the start from $1 land [...]