Rumour: Tesla coming to town ???

This is based on rumours and hearsay, but I keep hearing it from different angles. As the saying goes where there is smoke. The gist is Tesla is looking to [...]

Lots of Updates, and a Busy Saturday Coming.

Well, the Hamachi family has gotten a little smaller with the closure of Son Vida on Larry Uteck. In Son Vida's place is Butcher Block Pub and [...]

So You Have Never Been to IKEA

With IKEA's return to Dartmouth Crossing next year some of you have maybe never been. SO when I was up in Montreal earlier this year, I took a few [...]

Shuck, The Port, Atlantic Fabrics Open, Pets Unlimited Closing

Liquid Assets has opened it' boutique of only Nova Scotia made beer, cider, wine, spirits, etc. after security at the Airport. Port City and [...]

Port of Wines Replacement and Make Your Own McD’s

The McDonalds on Lacewood now has "Create Your Taste" which gives you 30 options to create a burger, you pick the bun, toppings, and condiments. Then when [...]

Waffley Good Time To Be In HalifAXE

Axes are flying everywhere; I started off the week learning that Timber Lounge would be opening an Axe throwing bar at the corner of Agricola and May. [...]