Pro Skates

The symbol has become synonymous with Halifax the decal, Hoody or T's can usually be spotted on any outing in HRM. Who hasn't seen the logo almost [...]

Recent Retail ReTales Recap vol 1

Cheese Curds is opening a sister restaurant in the same Woodside strip mall , Haberno's Modern Taco Bar in the next 4-6 weeks also CheeseCurds is looking to [...]

Farmers Chocolate Milk 500ml Headscratcher

Edit: May 24 it is only Sobeys that has the disparity Superstore was the same price for both Why is the everyday price of a plastic bottle of Farmers [...]

Open City Recap

A collection of pics from [...]

Open City May 12-13: A New Halifax Tradtion?

What is Open City? Open City is variety of things, but it is chance for the citizens of HRM to have look at the awesome local business we have and maybe [...]

HalifaxReTales on the Go

I'll be in the UK from April 19 to May 7 in my absence I have #HRMLunch queued up to publish every weekday at 11am and I have a few Retro articles coming up as [...]