Arby’s, Beer Advent, Tramps and IKEA?

Quebec-based Basha Lebanese has opened on Inglis St where Vinnie's was. Arby's in Bedford is closing at the end of the year, limited time to get your [...]

Lee Valley: Solving First World Problems

I'm kind of thinking if I'm going to remember to bring a finger saver, I'm probably going to remember to bring my own bag   Again this goes in to the [...]

More Growlers, Primal Meat and Water Taxi’s

Costco in Dartmouth has a sign up saying that they will no longer sell tobacco products after August, at that location, Bayers Lake still will [...]

Downer of week, but Open City Coming this Saturday

Booster Juice in Bedford closed, as did the one in Clayton Park but they say the Clayton Park one is going "under renovations" but Bedford definitely wont be [...]

Less Bacon More Ribs, Signs of Summer and Couple Sobeys Refreshing.

Canadian Bacon Cookhouse announced that the wouldn't be back to the waterfront this summer, Sad no more bacon lollipops. The Blower St. Paper Chase [...]

New Downtown Tony’s, Stillwell BeerGarden, End of Farmer Clems

  Well NorthEndHipsterDog is excited about the Seahorse putting a patio on the side of their new Gottingen St home The East Side Mario's in [...]