Open City

West End Wood Fired and a New Kids Shoe Store

SoccerStop has movedĀ from Clyde St to Quinpool beside Aerobics First. Rumour: Haven't officially confirmed it yet, but lots of folks saying that the [...]

Freshii Burnside, Mezza Sackvile,Wing N It , Tiny Dog Daycare

Freshii, who had already announced that they were opening in Scotia Square food court is also now opening in Burnside. The former Dairy Queen is being [...]

World Tea House to Bedford, Classic Fish and Chips Closes

Another bit of Downtown coming to Bedford. First Il Mercato then Freak Lunchbox, then Taz, Then Turbine, the Middle Spoon is on its way and now World Tea House [...]

ReTales Update: Alexandra’s Cockroach, New Dollarama, Peni$ Cream!, and New Canadian Tire Elmsdale

Usually I only update on Sundays, but this Sunday produced enough info to produce it's own info, more than I get some weeks in February [...]

ReTales July 13 er 14: Toast on Quinpool, Butchers Merge, Kelly’s leaves DT Halifax

Well first my apologies, for not getting this post up on Sunday like I usually do. after a few awesome days in PEI, a quick rush home on Sunday then off to the [...]

ReTales May 11: Mic Mac changes, Jacob Closing, Bye Bye Louisiana Grill

Big week for me, Open City came around and despite less than ideal conditions was still a rousing success. I launched my next project HFXBookSwap an of course [...]