Brewdabakers Windmill Replacement, New Pavia

Pavia opened their new Art Gallery of NS coffee shop this morning. This adds to their Central Library cafes and original cafe and gallery on Herring [...]

Terrace: New HSC Food Court Opens May 4

CORRECTION: There is no McDonalds in the Food Court The new food court at Halifax Shopping Centre opens on May 4, three weeks from yesterday. Named [...]

Atlantic Canada’s Most Trusted Retail Brands

BrandSpark released their survey of the most trusted retail brands to Canadain shoppers; they broke it down by five regions BC/ON/QC/Prairies and [...]

Dartmouth Clay Cafe and Donair Everything

There will likely be another Stillwell Beer Garden this summer they are exploring a few potential sites, one possible candidate is the former Zibi Auto [...]

The Port by NSLC

In the coming weeks, the NSLC's Port of Wines on Doyle Street will close, and it will be replaced by "The Port". The new store is just a couple blocks away [...]

Pick Your Own Quality Street, Another Indoor Playground, Fit 4 Less update.

Did You Know: Bulk Barn carries Quality Street at $1.85/100g. A tin is 725g, therefore, the equivalent chocolate would be $13.41. You don't get a tin (I'm [...]