ReTales is a tracker of the going on of the Halifax Regional Municipality retail and restaurant scene, while there will be a focus on local operators, the big box and shopping centre areas will be represented as well. ReTales will also have some out of town content as well where applicable. The information comes from various news sources and observation around town. If you are business and you want to announce a new location a move or a renovation feel free to drop a line. ReTales is also pursuant to the improvement of the city to make a lively beautiful community we can all love and enjoy.

Arthur Gaudreau

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  1. Hello,

    Just read the post from July 28th, wanted to let you know that Caribbean Twist is now operating out of South End Catering on Novalea Drive!


  2. I find it very ironic that you would criticize the “Nato Day” error and yet have four spelling mistakes in your first two sentences above the photo of the store closed sign:

    “Speaking ofNSLC the new LEED certified one on Novalea also looks liek it is in it’s finishing stages

    To no ones surprise the Pizza Delight on Tacoma closed, well I shouldn’t say that it was a surprise to employees who showed up for their shifts to find the doors locked.”

    Clean up your own act before criticizing others! 😥

  3. Hey! Neat site.. any idea what’s opening at the old Robie Foods location? It looks as though it’s shaping up to be a money mart.. please say it’s not.

  4. Hi,
    As co-owner of The Brown Hound (formerly Pipa),I just wanted to let you know that our name change was due to new ownership, and a change in who frequents Argle during the construction.
    Due to the dramatic and negative imoact of construction and a change in personal life, it was the time to close the doors and sell the business.
    We thank all our great customers for their support as well as the Friday Salsa crowd and fabulous staff.

  5. Hi, salvatores was expected to be closed for a week during renovations. Been closed for a month now, and there looks to be no activity. Any idea what is going on.

  6. Woodys BBQ in Bedford gone out of business. Notes posed on door from owner, and one from Stephen Kennedy Baliff Services. Says they owe $675978.48 in overdue rent!!

  7. I read your facebook posts quite often. Although I like the idea of your page, it should be informational and you should be neutral. Your comments are not always appropriate or factual. Also, in your about section, you say that big box stores will be represented as well but it is clear you are biased with your “support local” comments. I have nothing against supporting local but you do understand that big box stores employ LOCAL People right? They don’t employ aliens.

  8. Just wondering If I could run something by you as a Business Idea in Dartmouth. If you care to chat Love to hear from you. Please write the email I left you!..Thanks 🙂

  9. The Pier 21 Museum Gift Shop at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at the Halifax Seaport will re-open Tuesday, May 5th. Its been closed for six months as the museum has been renovated and expanded. Great place to find unique stuff from all over the world!

  10. Hi Retales. It’s Sarah at Sattva boutique writing you to say hello. We softly opened at 2453 Agrciola street in April. We have a modern collection of pretty things for ladies soured with 4 objectives in mind. Eco, Etical, Local and Social. We would like to get into your newsletter and a mention on your instgram posts. You can easily find our social media links on our Web site. If you need additional Photos please let me know.

  11. Egg Roll City officially of Toronto Ontario is in Halifax/Dartmouth promoting our new business. We make 30+ different flavors of Egg Rolls. We are holding 3 events around Halifax/Dartmouth . Our First event will be held @ Hammonds Plains Community Centre, 711 Pockwock Rd, Saturday, July 30/2016 from 1 – 6pm. Also, Saturday, August 6/2016 @ 50 Caledonia Rd, 1 6pm, August 13/2016, 105 Highfield Park Drive, 12- 5pm. If You Like Egg Rolls, You will not taste better ones than Egg Roll City, 30+ to choose from. See you at one of our events.

  12. I noticed a for sale sign in the parking lot of Curly Portables in Enfield the other day. Any word if it’s actually for sale or maybe for the lot beside it? Also heard Jims Restaurant on the Bedford Highway is closed because the new owner committed suicide. Terrible news.

    • I suspect it will be a lot like the current one but with an Izakaya section, kind of how the one in Dartmouth Crossing was touted as a Teppanyaki but it’s just one table

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