Where to Eat 50 Years Ago!

Well, I like to collect old data, and this time I present the probably incomplete guide of where to eat and drink (restaurants, bars, delis, department stores and bakeries) in 1968, Halifax/Dartmouth.
There are quite a few that exist in the same spot today.
•Ardmore on Quinpool
•Armview on Quinpool
•The canteen inside the Bayers Rd Bowlarama
•Cozy Snack Bar on Liverpool
•Gus’ Pub
•The Dairy Queen’s on Main St in Dartmouth and Dutch Village in Fairview
•Look Ho Ho on Bayers
•KFC on Quinpool
•Willman’s on Isleville
•Woodside Tavern
A few more live on but in a different home
Bluenose II, Midtown Tavern, Mic Mac Tavern (right next door), The Seahorse and The Hub. The Garden View as well is currently closed for a rebuild.

map on Google Maps here

  1. One place you missed was the Simpson’s cafeteria it was separate from the restaurant but serviced from the same kitchen.

    • I decided since they were the same kitchen to leave it
      didn’t you have to walk through the Cafeteria to get to the restaurant?

    • The Cafeteria was access through the back right of the store think it was near seasonal. The restaurant was entered from around the corner pass the escalators near the sewing & notions. You passed by formal dining room windows facing on to the retail turn right to the entrance down the corridor was a cashier and coat check beyond the cashier was the large winding lunch counter. There was no public access between the two operations.

  2. Cool memories.

    Cameills Fiah and Chips – it was on Barrington under the old Bridge.

    The Stockade in Windsor St and Almon near the Forum.

    One of my favourites- The Sulky Room at the old Sackville Downs Racetrack in Lr. Sackville.

    Hogies on Quinpool Rd. was a regular place I loved.

    Papa Gino’s – Italian Food was on the corner of Sackville St. Downtown, loved the food and the decor inside.

    Brass Rail in the Halifax Shopping Centre

    Steak N Burger – I think it was called in Halifax Shopping Centre and in Mic Mac Mall.


    The Derby Tavern

    The Green Dorey in Halifax Shopping Centre

    • Not in 1968 though, and I didn’t have the raw info for Bedford/Sackville

      the Green Dorey at the time was the Black knight
      Pap Ginos was the Piccadilly Tavern
      Hogies was Swiss Charcoal
      Brass rail and Derby are listed
      Ponderosa wasn’t here yet
      The Stockade was Pharmacy ( i used to eat there before Vees games)

  3. What about The Port Fish and Chips. 25 cents for chips. 35 for scallops or clams and chips . 5 cents for every additional piece of fish. The Port was on Portland Street across from Portland Street Esso

  4. Great read. Does anyone know where I can find maps of Bayer’s lake and Timberlea areas from 1980’s onwards? I would love to see how the areas have developed. Thanks!!

  5. A few restaurants that were missed:
    The Cameo & The Riviera – both between Birmingham & Queen on Spring Garden, north side.
    Morris Lunch – Morris at Hollis, north side.
    The New Town – next to Neptune (The Garrick) east side of Argyle at Sackville.
    The Acadian Room – 2 doors south of China Café – Hollis between Morris and South, west side.
    The Palm Lunch – a Chinese restaurant northeast corner of George & Argyle.
    Hum Mow – just south of the Picadilly on Grafton, east side; great food given the date.

    Had been trying to remember the names of The Welcome Café, Ming Toy and Denlock’s Acadian Grill on Granville across from Province House for years, the latter was the go-to place for milkshakes, sodas and tuna salad sandwiches. Thanks


    • Cameo is there, the Riviera in 1968 was listed as being on South Bland, Hum Mow is there already too

      you are correct on Acadian Dining Room I missed that one thanks.
      Morris at Hollis only commercial listed that I don’t have is Morris MArket, a barber and Schooner Outfitting
      Gerorge at Argyle all I have is City Hall or Moirs
      and Nothing for New Town

  6. Morris Lunch was not quite on the nw corner of Morris and Hollis but on Morris 1-3 doors west. Sorry the Palm Lunch was at 5245 Prince Street, Halifax. New Town was an odd place with the door facing north west and one walked down a few steps given the slope of Sackville St.

    Wonder if Wood Bros.’ Tea Room (4th floor) was still around in 1968?

    I’m getting the hang of the map now.

    Can I attach a menu somehow? It’s a jpeg.


  7. Remember Murray’s Coffee Shop in the Lord Nelson? A great lunch spot when I was a kid. It would have been open in the later 60. And Spring Garden also had the Doric, one of many family run diners around town. I miss the Shopper’s Special at the Spartan on Quinpool, opposite the Oxford Theatre.

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