Bier Markt is opening in the Nova Centre this summer ahead of the convention centre. Bier Markt boasts 150 beers from 30 countries and is owned by Cara who also owns Montanas, Swiss Chalet, Harveys  and more

American chain Vino Volo will be opening one of their wine bars on the departure level of the Airport. They operate in 30+ other airports and are looking to open late spring.

The former Battered Fish space in Tantallon at least is going to have new life in as will be reopening as Katch.

I have to put one on the watchlist, but signs are that Hot Plate: The Sizzling House have closed. They started in Portland Hills last spring and then moved to the south end of Barrington St in the summer. They closed at Christmas and haven’t reopened, no sign on the door, phone number disconnected and no activity spotted. Too bad they were on my list of places to try I  had heard good things.

Jugo Juice in the Mic Mac Mall food court has closed, but I hear three will be a replacement smoothie bar in the coming weeks.

The Park Lane Dollarama is on track to open on Tuesday.

Let’s Ko a new Korean spot will be open in a couple weeks on the Bedford Hwy, Bibimbap, Japchae, Fried Chicken, etc. Where Pizza 4 U was.

The Needs/Fast Fuel on Hammonds Plains rebranded to Shell and Sobeys Express, curious as Sobeys owns all the brands.

The sale of the Carleton bar fell through, now expected to close.


Long time NS retailer Carsand Mosher closes its final store in Truro at the end of February.

Whole Foods has cancelled two Alberta stores already in progress and has put Canadian expansion on hold. They had said a couple of years ago they were planning to go from 12 stores to 40 in Canada.

McDs is test running all day breakfast in Whitby/Ajax ON

Dartmouth owned Charm Diamond has bought out Ben Moss and has already opened seven stores with nine more reopening soon, but in Western Canada, the two local stores will not be revived. Charm also owns the Crescent chain.

American Apparel designs and trademarks have been bought by Gildan, but none of the stores which will all close


A few months ago Pete’s stopped having plastic bags; it is now 25¢ for a paper bag with handles, or they give you 10¢ if you bring your own. The 10¢ can also be donated to a rotating charity.

I asked the question what would you like to see open in Halifax in 2017?
There was lots of response for more ethnic restaurants (Malaysian, Ethiopian, Indian, Portuguese churrasco) There were also quite a few who want to see and Olive Garden. Five Guys or a Chili’s on the retail side people would like to see outlets, Simons and Anthropologie.

I caused a bit of stir when I posted that Bennett’s barber shop on Almon St. was putting a Trump sign in their window every day (taking it down at night). I said that I wouldn’t be getting my business because to me that sign is uninviting to so many groups. Bennets told The Coast and CTV it’s all a joke. I have since been accused of oppressing free speech and have received a couple of mild threats.

And we will end this week with a pricing error from Walmart, talk about sticker shock.