The 29 items I picked in August 2013 when the WalMart SuperCentres first opened.

 Walmart Mumford
Sobeys Mumford
SuperStore Young
Pringles1.442.002.49SS: Buy 2+ $2.22ea
Jack Link Jerky5.476.996.49
2L Chocolate Milk4.494.613.99
Quaker Chewy Bars2.673.292.99SS: Buy 3+ $2.33ea
Cosman Whidden Bear4.775.794.48
Billy Bee Hive6.776.496.49
Diana's BBQ1.972.972.5
Heinz Noodles1.571.001.99SS: Buy 3+ $1.33ea
Green Giant Can Corn1.471.691.69
Heinz Beans1.671.001.99SS: Buy 3+ $1.33ea
Alymers Tomatoes1.972.491.25
Unico Beans1.241.501.49
Uncle Bens Bistro2.772.501.99WalMart: Buy 3 for $6
Uncle Bens Select3.543.493.99
Old El Paso Fajita Kit2.974.493.99
Old El Paso spice1.372.391.49
Old El Paso Shells2.972.793.29
Grace Jerk4.274.694.99
Heinz Ketchup4.364.993.69
Helmans Mayo3.975.793.99
Helmans Olive Oil Mayo3.975.793.99
Finnish Tabs 25pk7.978.497.99
Ktaft Shred6.976.995.99used to be 340g now 320g
Kraft Singles5.976.294.99
Green Giant Frozen2.973.493.49
Nielsen Organic Milk 2L4.976.596.79
Basket Total: (1 of each)$109.95$124.86$113.27

Yes these are crappy food items but they are things that people buy and once I chose I have to stick to it.
Here are the basic finding from the three samples

2015 grocery 29

As well I did look at a few fresh items

 Walmart Mumford
Sobeys Mumford
SuperStore Young
Bnls/Sknls Chicken Breasts4.9910.993.99
Haddock Fillets9.976.996.99
Basket Total: (1 of each)$27.22$34.12$25.22

In this instance SuperStore came in first if I bought a pound of each, but based on their chicken being the weekly special, their regular price is more inline with Sobeys. I chose the highest price for WalMart chicken as they sell in $10 packs which ranged from .9 to 1.055kg

In short all three tests over the last 2 years shows that Sobeys is more, I’ll personally continue at SuperStore because more variety in fresh goods.

I will come back to this concept in the fall but I will factor in the little guys like Dave’s, Chops, Gateway, Avery’s, The Carrot etc.