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Halifax Media Social Media!

Posted: February 16, 2015
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HRMSM0215 (Large)

Here is a table of other sites that share news and information

CTV Atlantic567273996096687
CBC NS625501607878628
The Coast 446531698661639
The Bounce91315217961361
Energy 103.575333262640159
Global Halifax19721555225273
FX 101926701375516425
Local Connections Halifax12310409016400
Halifax Examiner 183301833
Halifax ReTales561834789096
Wave 89985475718425
Halifax Magazine232928805209
Halifax Media Co-op318210824264
Halifax Bloggers348919245413

this is representative of the twitter account closed to the brand, I realize that CBC would have sub sites for each show. but I chose CBCNS as it is the one that aggregates all the other English TV and radio feeds. I also didn't  factor in  individual personalities under the brands. Also to note the CBC and Herald accounts are marketed for all of Nova Scotia and CTV is for the entire Maritimes.

I last took a look at these stats in April of 2014, in that time there has been significant uptake on social media in general in Halifax.
haligonia has increased their following by 44068, followed by The Herald 41383, CTV Atlantic 38768, CBC NS 27062 and Energy 103.5 with 24816

On percentage gain
Energy 103.5 has increased their presence a whopping 161.7% ! (who ever is doing that job needs a bonus)
Global Halifax gained 69.1%, CTV Atlantic 66.9% The Herald 65.2% and haligonia 59.7% from their April 2014 stats.

also congrats are in order for haligonia who is the first in town to crack the 50k plateau on both Facebook and Twitter.


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