Happy 2015, retail has started of with a stabbing at the Mumford Walmart and a Bear macing at the Spryfiled Canadian Tire but hopefully those trends won’t continue.

Brewdebakers closed up after New Years Eve, staff had no idea just received an email on New Years telling them they were done. The sign on both Clayton Park and Burnside doors says “Closed Until Further Notice, Sorry for any inconvenience” quite a few people upset about losing out on Gift Cards that were sold with a special promotion that started January 2. No word on if this affects the similarly owned Ardmore Tea Room.

Mexx has started the liquidation of their stores.

RW&Co has closed in the Halifax Shopping Centre. Also RUMOURS of Birks, Reitmans and Sears closing but all three have said not true.

Pizza Pizza on Grafton Street closed.


Too Soon?


Looks like East Side Marios will be replacing Pizza Delight on Spring Garden Rd, with PD closing near the end of this month.

Maritime Frame-It after 50 years on Spring Garden is closing.

The Seahorse on Argyle St closed after 65 years. A new location has opened on Gottingen.

Rite Fit kids clothing store who closed earlier in 2014 will be liquidating their stock at the Halifax Forum starting Jan 7th.


Surprised that Chocolate Milk isn’t a standard Daily Nutritional