Liquidation World is closing all its Canadian stores .

Sad that Second Cup Spring Garden Rd is now closed, it was a staple of Spring Garden and a pioneer for specialty coffee shops in Halifax. It was the first of what we take for granted now on every other corner.

Oh there may be life a new for Que Tal according to their website.

Sad to report that long time Spring Garden Rd resident Winsby Shoes will be bowing out at the end of February.

As usual late in the afternoon of the 31st the NSLC’s were lined up out their doors. Speaking of NSLC, the annual numbers were released this week and the Bayers Lake outlet took the crown for the highest sales, displacing the Westphal location which had been the champ for the last 4 years.

Did you know that

  • 40% of all the spirits sold province wide¬† are bottles of Rum.
  • Followed by Vodka at 25% (94% of which was unflavoured)
  • Then Whisky at 20% (68% of which was Canadian Whisky)
  • Only 1.8% of all spirit sales were Single Malts
  • There were 41 new beers listed this year
  • Beer accounts for ~50% of all NSLC revenue
  • NS made wines are the 5th best sellers after (the rest of Canada, Australia, US, Italy)
  • $224 Million were returned to the province of NS