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July 14 ReTales: HSC Food Court moving, Renaissance over & another Quiznos falls

Posted: July 14, 2013
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Another quiet week

Renaissance on the corner of Barrington & Blowers after 30 years

Dartmouth Crossing has officially confirmed Marshalls will open in the spring  as will PetSmart in the same building



Surprised it didn't happen sooner but another Quiznos is gone the one on Brenton St is now closed

HRM rejects Rona's plan to open store where the Winners in Bedford Place Mall used to be, not zoned for building supplies

Looks like Halifax Shopping Centre is indeed moving the food court to the Lower Level where the Bowling alley is unconfirmed rumour is that H&M is getting the current Food Court space

and Bar Stillwell a craft brewing mecca will open in September on Barrington where Capt Sub/ Greco was

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