This Years HALIwe’een Shops

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Every year now we have these Hallowe’en shops popping up all over HRM, so this year I thought I would map it We have Boutliers on Windmill in Dartmouth which is always there year round, and the Glow Party Store on Strawberry Hill in Halifax, Glow as well has opened shop on Sackville Drive, Woodlawn and Quinpool. Spirit has setup a giant tent in Mic Mac Malls parking lot and Halloween City is open in the BLIP. As well Value Village gets Hallowe’en centric this time of year.  In addition there are lots of used clothing shops,  hardware stores, grocery stores and what not around town if you are feeling creative. The department stores also will have the crappiest of crap to get your trick on.



  1. Hi there,
    If you are doing an article like this next year could you add us? We are locally owned and is in operation since 2008. We have a store front at 622 Sackville Drive and open all year!
    Ripsters Halloween Shop
    Thank you

    • Yeah right on considering Ripsters on Sackville is a permanent fixture and is the best YEAR-ROUND Costume and Halloween Store.

  2. Just a heads up as Ripsters out grew their Sackville Location and moved to 103 Chain Lake Drive in Bayers Lake.
    Phone: 902-450-0800

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