On September 11 1962 at 9:30am the Halifax Shopping Centre, Anchored by Eatons, Sobeys and Kresge’s the was the largest covered shopping centre in the Maritimes, Bayers Rd and Dartmouth Shopping Centre had already brought the suburban shopping centre to HRM but this was the latest and greatest

1962 Aerial Vew


Eaton’s had applied to build the mall on the 20 acre piece of land in 1956 but the ground wasn’t broken until early 1961.

Sobeys. Reitmans, Martinizing Dry Cleaning, Lawtons, Royal Bank and Birks have been tenants since the day the doors opened. In addition there has been a Bowling Alley in the basement.


Over the years the mall has expanded and changed, in 1989 the mall changed from it’s original L shape to a complete rectangle adding a second floor food court. After the collapse of Canadian icon Eaton’s in 1999 Halifax Shopping Centre acquired the Sears store across the street, Sears then moved into the vacated Eaton’s in the main mall and the old Sears was redeveloped into a new Annex featuring Sobeys, WalMart, Winners and Sears Outlet, and developed a couple strip malls on the edge of the property, as well as a free Standing BMO and McDonalds. In 2007 the Shopping Centre went and redesigned the interior to give a fresh look. Halifax Shopping Centre completed the acquisition of the remaining West End Mall , renaming it the Mumford Professional Centre. In addition Halifax Shopping has a series of leased offices that hey have attached to their various buildings during renovations.

a look at the Annex which was once Simpson’s/Sears

In the last year there has been quite a change in stores and seems to be targeting a higher end client the first Atlantic locations of Apple Store, Victoria Secret/PINK, Sephora, Hollister & Little Burgundy all opening recently. It looks like Halifax Shopping Centre is gearing up for another 50 years. Though it’s a shame that they don’t appear to be having any 50 year celebration , I guess it would make them not seem as hip. Those long tenants deserve a gift though.

New entrance, I was sure that Glass window was going to be open to the Apple Store



Bonus: Then and Now



great photos from Stephen Archibald @Cove17 circa 1965

You can see the fun diamond pattern on Eatons wall


Today that awesome diamond wall is gone


But the wavy awnings have survived for 50 Years