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UK to be different

Posted: July 12, 2012
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On a recent trip to the UK (London & Aberdeen) I was looking for things that were different from an everyday life and of course from a consumer look. Here are some of my observations and comments

  • Tax inclusive pricing - if it says £1 on the shelf it's £1 at the till, the NSLC does this  and we love it based on the outcry when they tried to change, why not have it that way everyday.

  • 3 for 2 deal - instead of the BOGO or BOGO1/2 we have it's 3 for 2 and tends to be on a range of products instead of an individual item

  • small grocery stores - neighbourhoods have their own full range grocery store complete with prepared food and fresh meat and produce and Supermarkets are much more rare

  • Bookies all over the place, fills up empty retail space

  • The food in the grocers are sold in smaller packs, especially meats produce etc designed for 1 or 2 instead of out mega packs,  also the food is displayed much more condensed and stacked higher, the newer Sobeys have integrated this into some of the newer produce departments

  • they have luggage racks on Airport transfers :)

  • Scatter crosswalks - one direction of traffic goes then the other then the pedestrians can go on a diagonal, as a result retailers tend to have entrances right on the store corner

  • packaging of product in general is more minimalist

  • Buy British is very prominent and they are very proud to support their own food supply chain

  • many public buildings that have doors that swing both directions but look they are PULL based on the handles

  • rarely see people walking the streets with a coffee in hand or eating something as they walk

  • They do not stop for pedestrians, vehicles are king and people are always expected to yield

  • I did like this idea at Waterstones, they had shelves dedicated to books that appeared in recent online and print media and cited where the article was





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