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HRM newest resto: Truly Tasty on Quinpool

Posted: June 11, 2012
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OK a disclaimer I love dumplings, dumplings, dumplings, dumplings. I often wish I can just go to a couple dumpling spots I know in Chinatown NYC but that has logistical issues though 4 for $1 is awesome, I however must accept the economic realities of Halifax. My usual dumpling fix is provided by Cheelin on a Saturday morning but the crispiness has faltered since the Seaport Market opened and still not the same at the Brewery Market location. So naturally when I saw a dumpling and noodle shop was opening I got excited. Today I found out they had opened on Saturday I had already had dinner but I went to Truly Tasty for a dessert of dumplings.

My companion and I decided to go with 10 each of the House Special and the Pork & Cabbage Pan Fried Dumplings. Not the economical choice of NYC but the House Special are indeed truly tasty (that's right I went there) the pork ones were decent but I am a fan of Chinese chive so the House Special won out.

There were multiple dipping choices we went with the vinegar and the house made chili paste which was fantastic.

So I now have a go to for dumplings though not as frugally minded I had hoped, but the restaurant was going relatively well for Day 2, a few small hiccups of disorganization but that will take time to deliver rhythm.

As for the Ramen I can't say as I didn't try it but the table next to us ordered it, looked pretty good but the couple complained it was to spicy, sounds fine to me and they wanted more tofu in it, even though there is no tofu on the menu. I don't think they were going to be pleased regardless.

All and all I had a good time and would go again but only when the craving really hits as it over $1 a dumpling.




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