Twitter Highlights March 26-April 1

  • I cant believe that saving the Peggys Cove lighthouse is even a debatable subject #halifax
  • Nova Vaults is opening on Quinpool in the blockbuster building self service safety deposit boxes. Odd but interesting
  • ahh sweet 200Mbps service from Eastlink, wait its how much? oh $250 a month. No thanks
  • Cmon McDs in DX you started serving customers Nov 4 and you are still not done the exterior #dartmouth
  • As of today Access NS in Dartmouth is now on Baker drive by Sobeys
  • Waterton in Armdale desperate to Rent offering Dyson Vacuum, Ipad 3, BBQ or 40 TV with lease
  • allns reporting that Spryfield and Fairview are becoming hot housing markets
  • Seamus Davids Pub in @DartmouthXing is now open #Dartmouth
  • @UrbanHomeHfx Agricola@Cunard is back open, nice to see when someone brownpapers for renovation they actually reopen!
  • my NS breakfast Marys Bread Basket EngMuffin with @foxhillcheese garlic quark, Coldspring hardboiled egg and @willykrauch smoked salmon
  • Seedy Saturday 24 at William Spry exchange or buy awesome seeds and gardening tools
  • @hamachihouse imagine the HamachiMobile setup on the empty part of Grafton Street shining there waiting for people to fill the void space
  • You know the elimination of the penny is just a diversion so that is what people will talk about in the Tims line
  • Sobeys Gas Bar going in at former Penhorn Mall
  • When Chebucto Ford moves to Portland Street it will be MacPhee Ford #dartmouth
  • On the ferry taking advantage of the last free day #Dartmouth #halifax

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