Rumour: The Future of the BLIP?

The future of the the Bayers Lake Industrial Park (BLIP) may look something like this.


(Click Picture to Enlarge)

The questions I ask

  • Can the BLIP handle the traffic? The Washmill Lake overpass wasn’t really a solution as executed.
  • What will happen to the space left by Costco, Kent and WalMart abandoning their current stores?
  • Is there a need to develop this space at all?
  • Does this hurt the revitalization of downtown ?

Link to Herald article by Colleen Cosgrove last year (

Of course none of this is confirmed.

EDIT: 10-10-12

Also now rumoured to be coming are Forever 21, Marshalls, Marks & Spencers, Top Shop, JC Penney
I have also heard that Structube, Crate & Barrel and something from the Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma family
though I can’t see why a US retailer would make it’s entry point in Halifax, it may make sense for a European based retailer though

  1. It’s now confirmed that Costco and Kent are are remaining in their current locations and renovating and expanding their buildings and parking lots and Costco is getting a Costco Gas Bar. But the rumour of Walmart moving is apparently confirmed and true. They are building a 100-115k sqft Supercentre in the expanded area. And the new Canadian Tire in the former Target that moved from Clayton Park is now open for a month now and maybe should get a Canadian Tire Gas Bar!!

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