Switching on a Favourite, nope.

Anyone who pays attention to my babbling, probably knows I like sandwiches and in particular Meatball or Meatloaf sandwiches. That is how I am wired.

So for about 17 years or so I have only ever ordered the Meatball hero from Salvatore’s which is my favourite sandwich in Halifax.There have always been other heroes available but why would I stray. Thing is almost any other place I eat, I always try something different but for some reason always Caesar Salad, Original Pizza and the Meatball Hero at Sals.

Today I had to be in the North End at lunch I asked for advice online, on another hero to try so today is a big day and I tried something new. The Ham Hero!

ham hero

This is quite possibly the best Ham sandwich I have ever had, the quality of the Sweet Williams ham (I commented I don’t know why there aren’t more Sweet Williams ham sandwiches out there) to the fresh tasting tomatoes, the smoked mozza, plus the noticeable but not overpowering mushrooms and onions, this sandwich had it all … except Meat Balls :). I really like this sandwich and will definitely make it to my best sandwich list when I update that in the fall, however even from the same origins it can displace my favourite hero, Meat Ball I LOVE YOU still. However if you are a lover of Ham, stop what you are doing and get one of these right away.

I have another conundrum ahead as Salvatore’s expands into their extended space late this summer and starts offering a few more items on the menu , will I be able to stray from usual triple threat.I think I may have to try, and maybe a couple draught will help that decision.

PS I can help but think of Peter Porker the Spectacular Spider-Ham when I say ham hero.


PPS: I managed to order using social media, but I would not suggest that as a rule of thumb

PPPS: BJ had the daily slice, and a San Pelligrino





ReTales Update: Alexandra’s Cockroach, New Dollarama, Peni$ Cream!, and New Canadian Tire Elmsdale

Usually I only update on Sundays, but this Sunday produced enough info to produce it’s own info, more than I get some weeks in February :)


A little amusement at Atlantic Wholesalers

A little amusement at Atlantic Wholesalers


-The PetCetera in Dartmouth Crossing is being replaced by a Dollarama, also in Dartmouth Crossing David’s Bridal opens today

-Not 100% but 99% that Canadian Tire is building a smaller format store (like Tantallon) by Sobeys in Elmsdale

-Cafe l’Acadi has closed its Truro location and will be reopening by months end on Bedford Highway at Larry Uteck. Has that NB Diner feel complete with Spaghetti and Garlic Toast.

-Reflections is expected to be in its new Salter St home for Aug 14th (the space that was the pool hall for so many years) . I wonder if they will be able to create the memorable aesthetic they have in their current washrooms.

-This weekend a thread appeared over on The Halifax Reddit!, some one found a less than welcome guest in their meal


You can read the whole thread here dont_eat_food_from_alexandras_pizza .I brought attention on my Twitter feed and here is the original poster on Reddit and Alexandra’s responses


alex2I’d say that Alexandra’s and maybe all of them have some customer service work to do , but I am sure if you complain publicly its just a smear campaign.


This interesting video from the 1989 Pride Parade also surfaced

interesting how much the theme of the parade has change, also interesting to the see the streetscapes from 25 years ago











ReTales: New Brunswick St Starbucks, New Tenant for Old janes

It was an eclectic mix of local retail news, from ups and downs in Burnside to special edition rum.

The owners of MODA are closing shop on the 30th and heading back to Bermuda, look for an Asian resto in that space this fall though .



Appleton’s released a special edition Halifax bottle to celebrate our 265th anniversary

The Radisson on Hollis is becoming a DoubleTree by Hilton.


Tried out the newest addition to food truck scene Poppa Smokes setup in Burnside on Joe Zatzman at Simmons in CVO parking lot

The new Hampton Inn/Homewood Suites on Brunswick will have its first retail customer, a Starbucks is opening in one of the street side spaces.

The former Jane’s space on Robie is being reno’d and when it opens it will be Robie Street Station an all day breakfast restaurant

Ray’s Lebanese after uncerimoniously dumped from Scotia Square after 31 years has reopend at 75 Akereley in Burnside.


David’s Bridal is opening Monday beside Marshalls in Dartmouth Crossing


Very Short lived, Bluenose II Restaurant who opened an Uptown version on Bayers Rd this spring has already closed up shop. wonder what it means for the Hollis St location which will be homeless come the fall.

Bootz Saloon, the re-creation of the Rodeo in Burnside is done no details.

Beaverbank Station (RestoPub) is now open. Corner of Beaver Bank & Windgate.

The brand spanking new Mic Mac Tavern opened this week, right beside the orginal location.

A tiny pop-up Bed Bath & Beyond has opened in the main Dalhousie Bookstore for Back to School.





Editorial: Halifax Pride #hfxpride14

Every so often I veer off my retail beat and talk about something else this time our LGBTQ+ community.

I grew up in relatively traditional middle class suburban environment, racist and gay jokes were part of the norm. The “insult” that was always thrown around between teenage boys was faggot. Somewhere in my later teens when I would be called fag, I would thank people, it disarmed people. Here’s the thing though despite all this negative surrounding I knew what was right. Myself I am straight male but even in my youth my thought process was the more guys that were gay they better shot I had with the ladies :) as simple math put odds in my favour, I didn’t factor in what if all the women were lesbians though so my thought process had flaws.

I remember  the first pride marches in the late 80′s, I was in my late teens and I would hear adults and people around with me talk with distain and fear, combined with in appropriate AIDS talk, especially around the break room of the grocery store I worked for. From there I went to work for a library and when pride came around there was an open talk of support it was a complete 180 ideas and it was wonderful.

Time when on I got older when the topic came up I would try and sway ignorant ideas, the community got stronger and celebration of pride became stronger and stronger, and acceptance grew.

Which brings me to the point 25 years later and know a gay teen that didn’t have to come out, he didn’t have to announce to his friends or family, he doesn’t have to live with any secret. He just is, and I can’t really express how great I think that is. How great I know that is. So thank you to all of you who have been publicly proud and known who they were and weren’t ashamed. I realize that things aren’t perfect but oh it has come so far.





ReTales July 13 er 14: Toast on Quinpool, Butchers Merge, Kelly’s leaves DT Halifax

Well first my apologies, for not getting this post up on Sunday like I usually do. after a few awesome days in PEI, a quick rush home on Sunday then off to the pub to see the World Cup final (where a few beers were consumed) I decided it was smarter just to write this today. Also devastating news while playing Scrabble with my loved ones, they told me ReTales is not a real word, I think they are bitter because it was on a triple.

In PEI ReTales there is now an agency PEI liquor store in the Cavendish Tourist Mart.

In Halifax news though, Anchored Coffee is setting up shop in Pro Skate they will not have any of the Two if By Seaa baked goods instead they will have bread from The Canteen which they will toast up and serve with gourmet butter.

Also on Quinpool that giant space that was once World Wide furniture, then Buckleys, then a bunch of campaign offices and seasonal stores is now leased to a permanent tenant, Service Canada who is moving out of Halifax Shopping Centre.

After being in downtown Halifax since Canada was only 10 years old, 138 year old resident Kelly’s luggage is closing their Park Lane location (Halifax Shopping Centre remains)

Getway Farms the butcher in the Seaport Market has bought Highland Drive Storehouse in the Hydrostone.

Mirchi Tandoor is getting ready to open on Blowers, owned by the Baan Thai folks, I look forward to another source of Indian food.

Roots has setup a summer pop up in local land, with a new Port shop beside Garrison.

A blast from Dartmouth’s past, Hums Kitchen is opening by the refinery, and they are related to teh House of Hum that served the tasty Chinese food of my childhood beside the Mic Mac Rotary.

I Went to Chops Meat Market in Burnside prices are okay but a big space with hardly anything in it .The store feels incomplete but it has lots of potential.

Subway in the Scotia Square food court has now opened in Ray’s new spot. Ray will be open on Akerley in Burnside sometime this month.

and to cap things off I took on the ridiculous task of seeing What if Subway’s were subway stops