• BK Tims, Brilliant Boutique, Inkwell woes, Downtown Dartmouth Resurgance

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    D932348A-6257-4633-B122-F83553DB0FBB  Little Mysteries on Barrington St. closed its doors last weekend after 20 years, I wonder where the Wicca community goes now?

    Of course the big news was Burger King acquiring Tim Hortons and moving BK headquarters to Canada. I expect very little change in Tim Hortons though I would expect BK outlets will get a more cafe vibe over the next couple years, and start selling Tims. I doubt you will see much Burger King in Tims. What it does mean is that BK will likely push the Tims name worldwide so you will more likely be able get a double double in more locations.

    The other thing that keeps getting asked is what about those Wendys/Tims? These existed before Wendys owned Tims and they will exist after. The franchisees have separate agreements in place with each company; think of them isolated food courts.

    Kababji Lebanese put a sign on the door, 3 weeks ago saying closed for renovations. No one has seen any activity, their Facebook page has disappeared and their voice mail is always full. So not officially closed but I am willing to say it’s done.


    Great little sign, the used and consignment shops of Queen St in Halifax have got together and marketed themselves as one. Bold idea

    Brillant Boutique Halifax

    Just on the flipside of Vintage Row on Birmingham is Brilliant Boutique which opens on Tuesday, new and “gently worn” ladies fashions

    Lebanese is returning to Scotia Square food court, Mezza Kitchen will be going in to serve the crowds. It’s still pretty crappy how Ray left the food court, but Mezza is also a local, and has good grub. (Unpopular statement: I actually choose Mezza over Rays for my Burnside lunches)

    Wow Downtown Dartmouth is having a good time ; Room 152, a women’s fashions shop opened Friday ,Bodega Boutique Men’s and Women’s Fashion opening soon. P’lovers Canada is coming to the east side of the harbour in the fall, across from the Post Office in the old Dartmouth Yarns who quickly took over the old Fishers space. Frosting cake store is coming next week to Ochtorloney toward the pond. As well Piatto is announced for 2015 (Kings Wharf)


    Elles Bistro Barrington Halifax

    New eats for Barrington, I understand Elle has been a server at Cousins for the last decade, so I expect to see some favourites.

    Odd but true, The Petro Canada at the airport is closing on Tuesday, but Irving will be ready with a nearby popup gas station and convenience store, while they build a new station. There will be an instant bonus as Irving will operate 24/7.

    Word came out that the city is allowing the new Convention Centre to close Market St between Sackville & Prince to all traffic, vehicle or pedestrian, starting on Tuesday for 2 weeks. Problem is Inkwell and Applehead Studios have their front doors in that space and were not warned until a Thursday, when a tweet went out that they wouldn’t have access to their business. After an outcry from the community, provisions re being made as they should have been in the first place and special access will be built so these but remain open.

    Renovations have begun at the old Primrose Sobeys in North End Dartmouth. Lawtons will be building a replacement store in that space (not confirmed but very likely just need Lawtons to confirm)

    Hibiki Halifax

    I love when niche stores open,I hope they do well




  • Boozy Milkshakes, Village Green To Stay, Dollarama exits HSC

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    ReTales Aug 18-24

    Dollarama in Halifax Shopping Centre closes today, originally I had heard it was closing in the fall and moving to replace Pennington’s. Lawtons will be moving in the Dollarama space. However Pennington’s staying put and Dollarama just disappearing. I have also heard, if staff wants to go to other stores or new Dartmouth Crossing store (or the strongly rumoured Lacewood store)  they have to apply like everyone else (but that part is unverified).

    Bubba Rays too opened in the former Red Fox and people say it looks pretty good.

    Marshalls opened in Bayers Lake.

    Scanway Cafe opened on Grafton and they are also serving from the rooftop above Sicilian, The roof top and quality pizza really adds a new element to going to Pizza Corner. Also their Boozy Milkshakes are fantastic.



    The new Tim’s on Spring Garden is calling itself a “coffee house” now

    The Village Green and Moe’s have been saved and will continue in Sunnyside Mall, however sister store Tweed and Hickory in Dartmouth Crossing is still going to close.

    Moda on Dresden is being replaced by Forbidden City, I had originally heard that it was going to be multi Asian fusion, but it turns out it will be just Chinese and I am excited to see the “authentic” part of the menu http://forbiddencityrestaurant.ca/menu.asp?catid=6053783

    In NSRetales: Carriage House and  China King in Port Hawkesbury served a 2 day license suspension this weekend, for being a pop up strip club last December.

    and of course 10 digit dialling is going into effect, but that mean a part of Halifax dies with it 902-429-6666 just doesn’t have the same single appeal.

    and lets end the week with some signage fun .


  • ReTales: A new Pete’s,Scanway Cafe, Halifax Moxie’s

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    A weird week I launched NSReTales on twitter and Facebook, to cover things I find on the outside of the city. I went to McDonalds against my no chains philosophy for a meal and blogged about it. I was invited by the Downtown Halifax Business Commission to participate in the Big Day Downtown, $150 to spend on something Downtown. I am going with an ambitious A to Z theme. With all that said there were still things uncovered, including the fact Costco has Christmas trees out.

    Pete’s Fine Foods is coming to the former Motherhouse lands at the Mount, which are being redeveloped into a mix used neigbourhood called Seton Ridge. This will be a new concept store for Pete and this will not mean the closing of the Bedford location.

    Bowring and Bombay have filed for bankruptcy protection, business as usual for now, but some store closures are expected soon.

    Black’s Photography is closing its 2 remaining NS stores in Mic Mac and Halifax Shopping Centre.

    The Attic on Queen is closing shop, last day will be August 30th.

    Scanway opened their new Grafton St cafe, housemade donuts, and interesting gelato flavours like Rum or Popcorn are available.

    Moxies has a job posting for an assistant manager at a soon to open Halifax location, where exactly in Halifax? Who knows. I have heard way too many spots to confirm one.

    Dartmouth Crossing but flags up on the land just above McDonalds, strong indicators that it will be a Hilton Garden Inn. Also in DX the Woodys has signs that say it will be reopening soon.

    Coming up this week, The Marshalls in Bayers Lake opens Thursday and Bubba Rays Too opens Monday in the former Red Fox.


    I went to one of my favourites

    Also this week I need to get out to Lawrencetown to try the newly created Donair Taco at Bro’s Tacos.


    some of the scratchings on  my A2Z

    A2Z dt mark




  • A Trip to McD’s in Dartmouth Crossing

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    First off many of you may be asking doesn’t he ramble on about local? I do and have been really great this year other than a trip to a Montreal St. Hubert this is my first visit to a chain restaurant in 2014.

    Had a busy day yesterday forgot to eat and I wanted immediate satisfaction today, and the lure of the Golden Arches called


    The closest to me was Dartmouth Crossing, which I still find odd doesn’t have a free standing M sign towering at the driveway. I enter and of course it is complete chaos there is no semblance of lines and people don’t know who is waiting to order or who is waiting for food. I heard 5 time some ask are you in line? C’mon McD’s figure that out!

    They Figured out Coffee Rush, but McD's cant figure out a lunch line

    They Figured out Coffee Rush, but McD’s cant figure out a lunch line

    There were some new menu items I chose one, the Buffalo Chicken Poutine I immediately though of the words of the great Bluth’s

    also Shrimp!!

    Seriously who has been ordering Filet o Fish? WHO?

    Seriously who has been ordering Filet o Fish? WHO?

    Here is the Buffalo Chicken Poutine



    It’s actually pretty close the gravy could have been warmer to melt the curds


    They actually tried to be all fancy by asking my name, I rarely give my real name  this time I gave Pikachu, NAILED IT


    Also had a Big Mac which is the craving in the first place and it was what it is. I will try to stick to my local ways and I don’t really feel better for going, I suspect I will regret it soon.

    However the worst part of the experience wasn’t the disorganized lines, it was the Beeping OH MY the Beeping!!

    BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP  BOOP BOOP BOOP BEEEEE BEEEEE the entire time I was there! Why so much Beeping!!!pulling-out-hair




  • ReTales: A Sustainable Fish Monger, DT Dartmouth Fashions and Little Hakodate

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    A lighter update but still lots going on for August.

    First a follow up to the news PEI’s Gahan House was coming,everything is confirmed and they will indeed be taking over the great space that Hart&Thistle was in.

    Downtown Dartmouth is going to have a new shop, Room 152 a women’s boutique which will have both new and curated clothes and shoes . Early sneak peeks show they have a thing for short boots.

    Quantum Frontier will be teleporting across the intersection moving in the end unit by Hillcrest VW.

    The Staples in Burnside has closed, the Copy Centre remains open for now but they are planing to move that as well. That Staples one of the first Business Depots at one point was the largest an most profitable in the chain.



    Tako Sushi on Parkland in Clayton Park has quickly become a favourite me.

    The Venus Roll (top right) is a great combo of chopped fish wrapped in thin cut cucumber. I even brought the cucumber flower with masago home, to appreciate a little longer.  It drives me a little nuts, as peninsula resident that I need to drive to go get the best sushi but its worth it . That strip mall also is home to Nine +9 which I consider to be the best Chinese.

    WalMart is shaking up the online shopping world in Canada now that they offer free shipping, No Minimum order. Expect others to follow suit by Christmas. In the ridiculousness of it all though you can buy Mr. Noodle (which I would never eat) is online at Walmart.ca for 37¢ and have it shipped to your door for free, but if you went in store in Halifax it’s 44¢.


    Alex Oh Sushi, will be taking over the former Susies (who moved to Purdys) this is a the 3rd Sushi joint in close proximity, Is it too soon to call this district Little Hakodate in honour of our Japenese sister city with a star shaped citadel. More info about our relationship here


    Afishionado, a sustainable fish monger will be opening inside Local Source Market

    The abandoned Hamachi Grill on Portland St. will be coming back to life as Mizi, which will be an All You Can Eat Sushi and Thai.

    As part of the whole reno of the Irving in Beechville, there is a Rubber Duck Car Wash going in.

    Finally the 2000 block of Gottingen is gearing up for 2 new stores with the Futon Store moving back to their rebuilt home, Biscuit has taken over where the Futon Store has been and the will be opening the Independent Mercantile Company which will be a housewares and gift ware shop. And The Carrot is aiming to open by months end.