Gangnam, Frites, Drones, Wings and Timelapse

15181401_1529378423755351_683010888294033412_n Spring Garden Road says goodbye to Pizza Delight on tonight That will leave Bayers Lake as the last standing Pizza Delight in HRM. Kings Wharf officially announces "The Maristella" 36 storeys The first 11 will be a hotel (great for DT Dartmouth) and will have a ground floor bar/lounge facing the harbour.Condos on the next 25 floors [...]

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Rebuilding Iconic Spots

Quinpool location of Shawarma Stop closed, Argyle is still open. They have indicated there will be a second location again in the near future. There is a proposed [...]

Another Froyo Melts Away and Sobeys Melts Our Hearts

Sugartown Studio will have these cuties available at Dartmouth Makers
Just weeks after the closure of Yeh! in Sackville this week the Cherryberry at Larry Uteck closed up their shop. Reader Murray Wong came up with this lovely graph [...]

Filipino Grocer, Scotia Square Food Court

Kabayan, a Filipino grocer, has opened on Wyse Rd. in the plaza behind No Frills, they are carrying lots of authentic snacks and packaged goods like fried corn, [...]

Zero Waste Shopping in Dartmouth

A couple of months ago I mentioned that Bulk Barn was rolling out a pilot program in Ontario to allow customers to shop with zero waste. The idea is you bring your own [...]

Star of Christmas Returns, Water & Bone to North End

Cucina Moderna closing their Spring Garden area location early next year, Mic Mac store will continue. Skybox Haircutting on Barrington is gone. Yeh! at [...]

SugarShok Closing, BB&B Coming to Bayers Lake

Bed, Bath & Beyond will be opening in the former Bayers Lake Future Shop.Expected date is late March. SugarShok on Portland St. is closing next month after four [...]