• Future Shop Done. Target Done. But Savoury Pies for Dartmouth

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    Quite the surprise yesterday morning, waking up to find out that Future Shop has basically ceased  to exist. It started with me hearing of a 7am meeting at the Dartmouth Crossing Future Shop, the staff was informed that the store was closing effective immediately. Quickly as the hour progressed it became evident that Bayers Lake and Bedford had suffered the same fate.
    After all the dust settled it turned out Best Buy had decided to close 66 stores nationwide and convert 65 others to Best Buys. The only surviving NS  FutureShop is Sydney where it will open in 2 weeks as a Best Buy. Staff will be receiving 12 weeks severance but that is still 500 FT and 1000 PT workers coast to coast that became unemployed. Best Buy will honour Future Shop Warranties and gift cards.

    Checking in with the other national closure, Target. Bayers Lake, Mic Mac and Sydney are scheduled to close before Good Friday  and Bedford is done the week after ending Targets short life existance in Nova Scotia.

    The Wolfville Pete’s Frootique is also on the cutting block, set to close at the end of May. Word is that they just couldn’t establish a consistent customer base. There is still plans to build a new store in Rockingham as part of the Motherhouse redevelopment project beside Mount St. Vincent.


     Future home of Humble Pie moving into a permanent home on King @ Ochterloney  more tasty everyday eats for Downtown Dartmouth I do love their savoury meat pies!

    Future home of Humble Pie . They moving into a permanent home on King @ Ochterloney. More tasty everyday eats for Downtown Dartmouth I do love their savoury meat pies!

    The company that owns Ricki, Bootlegger and Cleo also said yesterday some stores as part of a credit restructuring, will be closing but no particular details as of yet.

    Barber News: Brad has left Sailor Bups and is opening Scallywags on Chebucto next week, I know where I’m going for my next cut. If you like that old time Barber Shop look, but in a pre-packaged franchised mall model . Tommy Guns is opening in Mic Mac

    Halifax Shopping Centre officially confirmed the forthcoming arrivals of Aritizia and Browns.

    Tim Hortons on Langbrae closes early this week.


    The Folks at La Frasca decide to brighten up Spring Garden

    Online and PopUp local Hart Republic is closing.


    Bikini Village who was in bankruptcy trouble has been purchased by La Vie en Rose. Plans are to keep most stores open including Halifax Shopping Centre.

    Big Bite Pizza in Sackville is now Pomodoro.

  • Snowy Roofs, and the 1st Target to Close

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    Change of Pizza.Fairview Pizza is now Velos Pizza and Dino’s 2for1 on Wyse is now Snappy Tomato

    Bicycles return to Quinpool, after both Cyclesmith and Halifax Cycle departed last year for new North End homes.Long Alley Bicycles are scheduled to open behind Aerobics First today.

    The Future Shop’s in New Glasgow and New Minas closed this week.

    10427340_1062509680442230_4615895736968513735_nBoutique Joliette is closing up as the owner is moving to Ontario.


    Snow + flat roofs = chaos. Many Canadian Tires, strip malls, Cole Harbour Place and even Scotiabank Theatre have experienced(ing) closures, due to snow concerns this week.

    The first Target in metro is scheduled to close with the Mic Mac Mall location posting 10 days to go signs yesterday.


  • Dollarama’s everywhere, Ecko closing, New Superstore?

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     Loblaws announced it was building 50 more stores across the country in 2015, does this mean this is happening? I’ll try and find out.There has been a rumour for a while that they own that property

    I’m kind of bummed that Bro’s Tacos (in the Dudes bus past Lawrencetown Beach) won’t be operating this year.

    Ecko is closing all it’s stores (including Dartmouth Crossing).

    Night Magic Fashion closed its Barringtion Street location still operating on Herring Cove Rd.

    Nestle Tollhouse Cafe on Spring Garden has closed again, head office is looking for a new franchisee to take over the location.

    Scotiabank is pulling out of Fall River and closing their branch on Hwy 2, the branch will close in August and all accounts will be transferred to the Lower Sackville branch.

    DYK that you can get regionally famous brown sauce Pictou County pizza at Nayya in Bedford.

    The city has an open tender for anyone interested in operating a convenience store out of the new Lacewood Transit Terminal.

    11050698_1056854267674438_2260473382403154557_nSad Rad is Super Sad because North End Halifax’s National Radiator has closed.

    Shift-a-roo at Halifax Shopping Centre with Body Shop moved over by Victoria Secret. Peoples is in the old Kellys Luggage as they renovate their normal spot. Reitmans has shifted a few doors over to a new smaller location.Construction on Aritizia has begun.

    The Cellar Bar on Grill, which had just returned to Clyde St is closing in the next week.

    Thai Ivory is opening another spot, this time in Sunnyside. They will be opening an “express” version where Great Canadian Bagel used to be.

    Dollarama – rama – rama- recap

    • New one being built in Cole Harbour beside Canadian Tire.
    • The former Blockbuster in Bedford (beside Sobeys Mill Cove) is being converted to Dollarama.
    • The former EFADS in Clayton Park is becoming a Dollarama Express.
    • Construction has begun on the new Elmsdale location.
    • New one in Dartmouth Crossing is now open.
  • West End Wood Fired and a New Kids Shoe Store

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    SoccerStop has moved from Clyde St to Quinpool beside Aerobics First.

    Rumour: Haven’t officially confirmed it yet, but lots of folks saying that the Scotiabank baranch in Fall River is closing . Staff were advised on Friday.
    I guess Scotiabank want their name on everything except actual banks.

    A children’s shoe store is coming back to Mic Mac. The folks behind HaliKids are opening Twiggz, and it is going in the old Kiddie Kobler/Rite Fit space.

    Ivanhoe Cambridge (owners of Mic Mac Mall)  have purchased a few lease back form Target Canada, including Mic Mac. This allows Mic Mac the ability to determine how the space is re-leased.

    All Chapters stores to be re branded as Indigo.


    Meanwhile in Berlin, Halifax is a a clothing brand


    I’m hearing that Made in the Maritimes, a store specializing in Maritime artisan goods, will be taking over the space in Sunnyside most recently occupied by Cucina Moderna.

    Absolutely Delish in Portland Hills closed at the beginning of the year, oops really slow on that update!

    So Papa Marios is getting schmancy and opening a wood fired pizza resto @ Chebucto & Kline, where Chebucto Coffee has most recently been, word is that  all the coffee will still be available.

    Chrysalis in The Hydrostone Market has closed.

    Lighthouz.com the contemporary furniture store, in Burnside has closed. The retail storefront is completely empty.

    Patio Season has started everywhere . Except outdoors

    Patio Season has started everywhere .
    Except outdoors

    Also starting Wednesday is the Paderno sale at the Forum.


  • Browns, Kit and Ace, Dartmouth Italian, Barrington Bakery

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    Kings Wharf announced that a 150 seat Italian restaurant called Il Trullo, it will have a 50 seat patio on the Harbouras well. The principle is Rocco Scanlo of Rocco’s fame. Il Trullo is expected to be open by Canada Day.

    Kit and Ace, makers of technical cashmere are looking for  a store manager (or shop director as they call it) in Halifax. No location announced at this time.

    Browns shoes is coming to town, setting up in Halifax Shopping Centre.

    Indoor Radio Controlled Racing coming to #7 past Forrest Hills, Road Rage Indoor RC Racing.

    10615398_1557214474545277_4367264148031928038_nA bakery called the Old Apothecary is coming to Barrington St., where Renaissance used to be on the corner of Blowers.

    Good News: HMV on Spring Garden has a new tenant. Boring News: It’s Canadian optical giant FYidoctors.
    I also notice their space further up on SGR is for lease, I wonder what it means for the Scotia Sq. location.

    The Laura Secord and Cucina Modrna in Sunnyside have closed.

    Spa-Dee-Da, a spa geared towards 6-16 year olds  is opening in Bedford.

    The Salvation Army on Green @ Queen is closed for good.They are looking for a future DT/South End home but the current space they feel had to many building issues.