• Browns, Kit and Ace, Dartmouth Italian, Barrington Bakery

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    Kings Wharf announced that a 150 seat Italian restaurant called Il Trullo, it will have a 50 seat patio on the Harbouras well. The principle is Rocco Scanlo of Rocco’s fame. Il Trullo is expected to be open by Canada Day.

    Kit and Ace, makers of technical cashmere are looking for  a store manager (or shop director as they call it) in Halifax. No location announced at this time.

    Browns shoes is coming to town, setting up in Halifax Shopping Centre.

    Indoor Radio Controlled Racing coming to #7 past Forrest Hills, Road Rage Indoor RC Racing.

    10615398_1557214474545277_4367264148031928038_nA bakery called the Old Apothecary is coming to Barrington St., where Renaissance used to be on the corner of Blowers.

    Good News: HMV on Spring Garden has a new tenant. Boring News: It’s Canadian optical giant FYidoctors.
    I also notice their space further up on SGR is for lease, I wonder what it means for the Scotia Sq. location.

    The Laura Secord and Cucina Modrna in Sunnyside have closed.

    Spa-Dee-Da, a spa geared towards 6-16 year olds  is opening in Bedford.

    The Salvation Army on Green @ Queen is closed for good.They are looking for a future DT/South End home but the current space they feel had to many building issues.





  • More Triangle, Less Eat’n

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    Well the Dollarama in Dartmouth Crossing opened, located beside Future Shop in the old Petcetera.

    Rona opened their newest store in Bedford Place Mall.

    The Old Triangle is expanding their Downtown Halifax halifax spot by going up a floor.

    Garden of Eat’n on Quinpool has closed its doors.

    Vogue Optical is opening in the former Blockbuster on corner of Cumberland and Cole Harbour.Nice to see something finally go back in that space.

    I asked about Egg Rolls this week and it seems there is a huge favouring to to the mush meat egg rolls.

    Beaver Canoe was seeing great sales through Target and now with Targets collapse,Roots is considering relaunching Beaver Canoe stores (which closed 25 years ago).

    Bikini Village has filed for bankruptcy,protection, stores to operate as normal for now.

    Burrito Jax is now open in Burnside (beside where the Rodeo used to be).

  • Halifax Media Social Media!

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    HRMSM0215 (Large)

    Here is a table of other sites that share news and information

    CTV Atlantic567273996096687
    CBC NS625501607878628
    The Coast 446531698661639
    The Bounce91315217961361
    Energy 103.575333262640159
    Global Halifax19721555225273
    FX 101926701375516425
    Local Connections Halifax12310409016400
    Halifax Examiner 183301833
    Halifax ReTales561834789096
    Wave 89985475718425
    Halifax Magazine232928805209
    Halifax Media Co-op318210824264
    Halifax Bloggers348919245413

    this is representative of the twitter account closed to the brand, I realize that CBC would have sub sites for each show. but I chose CBCNS as it is the one that aggregates all the other English TV and radio feeds. I also didn’t  factor in  individual personalities under the brands. Also to note the CBC and Herald accounts are marketed for all of Nova Scotia and CTV is for the entire Maritimes.

    I last took a look at these stats in April of 2014, in that time there has been significant uptake on social media in general in Halifax.
    haligonia has increased their following by 44068, followed by The Herald 41383, CTV Atlantic 38768, CBC NS 27062 and Energy 103.5 with 24816

    On percentage gain
    Energy 103.5 has increased their presence a whopping 161.7% ! (who ever is doing that job needs a bonus)
    Global Halifax gained 69.1%, CTV Atlantic 66.9% The Herald 65.2% and haligonia 59.7% from their April 2014 stats.

    also congrats are in order for haligonia who is the first in town to crack the 50k plateau on both Facebook and Twitter.


  • East Side Marios to SGR delayed. What’s up the the Ferry Starbucks

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    Slowish week in retail.

    Looks like the Pizza Delight closure on Spring Garden Rd isn’t happening now, but maybe it will later this year? For the meantime at least East Side Marios is not coming downtown as quickly as anticipated, though this is still expected to happen later this year.


    It’s not a big fancy sign, but is confirmation that UO is opening, near the corner of Sackville St

    Panada Pizza is moving from their Primrose St home to the new colourful building in Highfield.

    1526460_1039108882782310_8834077014834614313_nWhen the Starbucks in the Ferry Terminal closed the word was it was to help facilitate the repairs to the sewage line under the building.Starbucks then put up a paper sign saying that it was closed for the season.Fast forward a few months and all semblance of Starbucks has been removed, all the menu boards inside, the exterior sign. The only way you would know it was a Starbucks is that printedsign that says it was closed for the season.
    It has even been removed from the corporate website.
    I don’t think it’s coming back!

    Last week I reported that the Tim Hortons on Langbrae was closing at the end of February, the operator contacted to tell me that  it was a lie so I retracted the statement on social media and was planning to retract it here. However staff we’re informed Friday that the store is closing in April.

    Games People Play have moved from their spot on Barrington beside the Discovery Centre to a new home above Burrito Jax on Blowers.


  • End of Saege, DirectBye

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    Target began it’s liquidation this week with “up to” 30% most reports back were 10% off, the sweet point of the liquidation when the prices are slashed and there is still stock you want is a couple weeks away.

    10959728_1033720589987806_4271253343205636750_nAlso having a small liquidation Cucina Moderna is giving up their Sunnyside space by months end and they atarted have a clearance sale at that location. Mic Mac and the Original Birmingham St stores will remain open.

    The Health Basket on Cole Harbour Rd moved a little inbound and has reopened beside the Palladium, but is now know as Urban Sante and has pilates and yoga as well.


    After 9 years Saege is calling it quits, with their last service on Feb 18th. The building is being renovated and they have decided not to continue on.10978679_1034358646590667_7661065029955156346_n

    Aeropostale at Halifax Shopping Centre is closed now.

    Word is that the awkwardly located Tim Hortons on Langbrae @ Dunbrack will be closing at the end of this month.

    DirectBuy the direct from manafacturer buyers club has closed up their Burnside location, now where will I go to give someone a $5000 membership to shop from catalogues.

    RedBox the DVD rental vending machine is pulling out of Canada last rentals will be issued on the 13th.