Halifax Grocery Comparison, Revisiting Old Posts

OK circling back to a post I first did in 2013 when Walmart entered the grocery game  I then revisited it in 2014  and again in 2015 well now it's 2017 and I want to see what has changed. •I'm using a similar list to what I used the first two times, and yes there are those who complained what I chose •This is only comparing Sobeys, [...]

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Man Bean, City Harvest and Cadavers

Autumn is in full swing In Burnside just on the edge of Dartmouth Crossing, the Shell, Sobeys Extra, and Tim Hortons are now open. A&W and NSLC Express will be [...]

Market Spruce Up, Bars and Their Rules

Support Services Group Co-op has moved their Thrifty Treasures store from Windmill at Albro to Woodlawn Mall. Midnight Oil Print & Design House opens on [...]

Buy Buy Baby Opens, More Stores for HSC, A Brewery Closes

Well now that IKEA has opened, I asked what people would like to see next and overwhelming it seems people want an Olive Garden The Bayers Lake Bed Bath & [...]

Colori, Korean BBQ, Sushi, Oh and Some Swedish Store

Well, it's here the week where we open our wallets to our new Swedish residents. Wednesday looks to be chaos in Dartmouth Crossing so remember to be patient and kind; [...]

Halifax Retro Newspaper Ads September 1992


Little Manila, Dartmouth Starbucks, Casino Buffet

Happy Sunday! Casino Nova Scotia has replaced Trapeze with 3Sixty, that's right a buffet is back. $9.99 Weekdays and Brunch, $13.99 Fr-Sa evening. Wednesday night [...]