• Trampoline Park, Fancy Hot Dogs, Aritizia opening date

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    Get Air is opening an indoor trampoline park on Windmill where Brewdabakers was, still some conflict on the date of opening but it appears it will be open for July.

    Prospectors Pub at Larry Uteck opened it’s where the Woody’s was, and is run by the former owners of Oakmount Station.

    Well Pizza Delight on Spring Garden is staying put and has changed owners. The plan to switch it to East Side Marios was scuttled by non compete clauses and other legalese, so now ESM can’t open DT for 2 years because of who owns the franchise rights.

    RUMOUR: The NSLC is leaving Mic Mac for Dartmouth Crossing and building a new outlet across from Moxie’s by Fall. Unconfirmed by NSLC but have heard from a few other sources.

    Sad to see the Pete’s in Wolfville closed, it was such a beautiful retail space.

    Tony’s Donair opened on Grafton St. this week at the back of The Dome where Pizza Pizza was.

    Aritizia has an open date of June 3rd set , while Browns Shoes in Halifax Shopping Centre opened this week

    Humble Pie/Lemon Dogs  soft opened for a lunches this week,  their savoury delicious meat pies and hand made lemonade are now available King at Ochterloney,Downtown Dartmouth.

    The old Needs on Victoria is being converted into a fertility clinic.

    T-Dogs a new hand crafted sausage and wiener cart is coming to Halifax,


    Fritos Pie Dog- chili, avocado, green onions, aged cheddar, crushed fritos and cilantro crema (from T dogs FB page)




  • Barrington Bakery, and Big Box Land news

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    The Old Apothecary Baker opened on Barrington St (@ Blowers) this week, to so far rave reviews.

    Also on Barrington the much anticipated Urban Outfitters is now open with aggressive hours 10-9 M-th, 10-10 F-sat and 11-7 Sundays.

    Ikea Canada announced the first 2 of it’s new concept pickup locations (London ON, Quebec QC) just 20k sq.ft When asked about the possibility of a Halifax store,the response was simply they want to explore these 2 test markets first.

    A new Jiffy Lube is going between McD’s and Tim in Dartmouth Crossing.

    They started construction in Dartmouth Crossing beside Marshalls across the parking lot from MoxiesIt’s a 2 unit building, and one confirmed tenant is Party CityI don’t why they would build with empty units across the street, in the streetscape stores

    The Moxie’s  beside Putting Edge in Bayers Lake is nearing completion.

    Halifax first Flotation Centre opened on King St Halifax just off North near Robie.

    Honey Bee Vintage Bridal on Gottingen announced that they are closing up and began liquidating stock.

  • Urban Outfitters Opens This Week, SGR Haunts on the Move

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    Canadian Tire moving Clayton Park store to former Target in Bayers Lake. Canadian Tire also opened their new store in Elmsdale this week.

    I’m slow on the draw, this timebut the Burrito Jax in Clayton Park is open, just on the side of Sobeys.

    East Coast Lifestyle to open a Halifax storefront, location TBD

    The Home Hardware in Enfield is closed after 60 years

    In Costco Cafe news Smoked Meat Sandwiches going on Monday. Replacing with Chk Caesar Salad. Will sell meat till stock gone

    Urban Outfitters is having their Grand Opening on May 15, paper is off the windows and stocking the shelves is in progress.

    Tom’s Havana confirmed  that they are indeed moving October 1, but new location not finalized yet. Sleep Country on Spring Garden is moving with BMO to the new building where Winsby’s used to be.

    Zions Gate, in Spryfield has open a liquidation centre at the back of South Centre Mall (by Bowlarama)

    Ottoman Cafe and Mid Point Coffee on Spring Garden are closing up shop and heading to Toronto.

    The Jessy’s Pizza in Kingswood is now open.

    The Holiday Inn Express, Kearney Lake is now Chateau Bedford

  • Downer of week, but Open City Coming this Saturday

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    Booster Juice in Bedford closed, as did the one in Clayton Park but they say the Clayton Park one is going “under renovations” but Bedford definitely wont be reopening .

    Bedford also took the loss of their 2 Ultramar‘s , Mill Cove and in front of Bedford Place)  which both closed this week.

    West End Halifax landmark, House of Beauty has closed after 45+ years

    The Halifax Forum had it’s first Farmers Market and for week 1 they attracted quite a few vendors, Iit has potential.

    The recently closed Pita Pit on Argyle to become a new location of Shawarma Stop, coincidentally the first Shawarma stop replaced Extreme Pita on Quinpool, I guess Shawarmas are the new pitas, lol

    I asked what restaurant of Halifax’s past do you miss, lots of love for Hogie’s Alfredo Weinstein and Ho, Juicy Janes and Apple Barrell.

    Purdy’s Pub closed in Sackville, after only 5 months and based on many comments I read they won’t be missed.

    Dave’s Lobster is taking over the spot previously hosting Canadian Bacon Cookhouse, Dave’s has been operating for a couple years in Charlottetown, if I remember correctly simple menu, a Lobster mayo based roll. a Lobster butter  based roll, a Lobster Taco  all $15 and Grilled cheese around $8.

    Tough blow for many small communities across NS, with Sobeys buying up Co-op Atlantic’s wholesale division, many independent stores will rely on their competition to be their supplier.

    OPen City 4.0 is on Saturday check out http://www.ilovelocalhfx.ca/v1/ for the list of awesomeness



  • Less Bacon More Ribs, Signs of Summer and Couple Sobeys Refreshing.

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    Canadian Bacon Cookhouse announced that the wouldn’t be back to the waterfront this summer, Sad no more bacon lollipops.

    The Blower St. Paper Chase shuttered it’s doors this week, it will make way for a new cafe, with a new operator on both floors. The convenience store and magazines are  done.

    Willy Krauch had its last smoking on Friday, I have been eating Willy Krauch smoked fish as long as I can remember, sad to see a long time NS business close. Product will still be available for a few weeks.
    logo_pigThanks to FrannyGlass over on Reddit I now know that Halifax is having a RibFest in June ribfesthalifax.ca

    Even though its almost May and the lakes are still mostly covered in ice, there are feint signs of summer. Nomad Gourmet, Halifax Press have hit the streets with their yummy trucks. While on the Eastern Shore, Harbour Fish & Fries and Gazoo’s have opened for the season.

    Before production has started Wrought Iron Brewing on Robie has had a change of name now going by Good Robot Brewing.

    Truckside the Food Truck themed food court has partially opened in Burnside, combined with Cheese Curds/Habaneros the first of the stalls Lil’ Eataly is open now. U pick Fish will follow in a couple weeks and Gweilo Asian Noodles will follow a few weeks after that.

    The Center is opening 2616 Windsor in May, Coffee shop/raw crystals/Yoga/-meditation/psychics & alternate healers.

    11082513_1083980478295150_3945892265613795688_nEuropean closed on pizza corner but already a replacement is in the works.”NBD“is the mystery name, we can guess what NBD is but I will to bet the D is Donair.I also wouldn’t be surprised to find out that recent Master Chef competitor Andrew Al-Khouri is involved.








    The Sobeys in Tantallon and Forest Hills (Panavista)  are getting a makeovers. Expect them to look like the one on Wyse Rd. The Wyse Rd was highlighted , last week, as a model store when regional managers were in town for meetings. Both will be done in time for the Christmas rush, the stores will remain open as renos progress.

    1555367_1083004601726071_366269220625335563_nDSW is coming to Eastern Canada but like Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop they are setting up shop in Moncton.

    Formally Yours on Clifton at Cunard has closed, currently in its place is a Vintage PopUp store called Rockalillie. 

    Also credit to @PitcherPlantNL who compiles a running list of community dinners (church suppers) across the province http://www.pitcherplantnl.com/p/community-meal-calendar-in-nova-scotia.html?m=1

    CDdSNqAUEAAGXYQBlackbook Collective, who opened an Urban Art shop complete with graffiti paint supplies  last year behind Cousins on Lady Hammond have moved to the Hydrostone. I look forward to see how they decorate up the building.