• New Argyle Eatery, Changes on Vintage Row and Urban Outfitter Confirmed

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    UOstackWell a big confirmation (originally reported here in Jan 2014) this week, Urban Outfitters is opening downtown in the former Sam the Record Man space at 1652 Barrington. The confirmation comes via job listings for management at URBN.com.

    Changes happening fast at Target,

    • Already the instore Starbucks outlets have already closed.
    • Giant Tiger, Good Life and WalMart have all formally had talks about acquiring some leases nationally .
    • No Ikea isn’t moving in the Mic Mac location
    • Yes the CEO, who was in charge of the failure will get a severance package roughly equal to the total severance for 17000+ store and warehouse level employees combined.

    I tried Starfresh diner in Burnside at the bottom of Wright, really nice place and great food.

    10924692_1023965347629997_6811458095151548492_nBurrito Jax says that the Burnside location on Ilsley in Burnside ahould be ready the beginning of next month and Clayton Park, beside Sobeys, will be ready the end of March.




    Even some out of town news, Winners is opening locations in Yarmouth and Bridgewater this spring. Also Yarmouth is getting a Giant Tiger.

    Noticed this week that Rogers has closed their business store in Burnside.


    Some changes on “Vintage Row” on Queen St Halifax. There is a vape shop in above Put Me On, Cocoon is moving over to Cunard St. The Clothes Horse is gone and being reno’d into a Turkish eatery and Something Elsies, is scaling back to just original Elsies.




    The folks who own Press Gang have signed a lease for the space that most recently housed Pipa/Brown Hound, they are going to have a separate staff and kitchen from the Press Gang and I hope they give that great atrium space the respect it deserves.

    Dinner Envy won $10k in a Scotiabank Small business boost contest and will get to meet with Arlene Dickinson.

    Mexx in Dartmouth Crossing is now closed, that was a pretty fast liquidation.



  • Is Urban Outfitters on Barrington a Good Idea?

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    Now that Urban Outfitters has confirmed that they are opening at 1652 Barrington St. in May via job listings at URBN.com.
    I ask the question, Is Urban Outfitters on Barrington a Good Idea?

    There are detractors that are going to say we don’t need big american chains, I’d like to agree but I can’t. A large chain like UO in our downtown will only spur on others to come in. Like any shopping centre a downtown needs anchors and UO will make a great anchor for downtown. The university/high school crowd right now who are more likely to hop on a bus and head to the mall will now start coming downtown to shop and discover other great little businesses I can only imagine this will be a great thing for a shop like Biscuit.

    The biggest drawback I see though is the rents on Barrington are going to become less afforadable for the little guy, as happened on Spring Garden when bigger names moved in (and out)  but that is the joy of side streets :)  I actually hope a couple more anchors choose downtown, like a Gap or H&M.

    Seeing a Urban Outfitters downtown will encourage other large players to think about Halifax and fill our streets, and that is a good thing!


  • Robie St Brewpub, Burritos for Clayton Park

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    Everyone by now knows target is closing after their failed implementation of stores in Canada. As of last week Target employed 436 folks in Nova Scotia.


    Talay Thai has finally finished their new Halifax and are open on the corner of Hollis and Morris moving from their original Barrington St home.

    Starbucks removes Tazo from their stores, now it’s all Teavana tea in shop (Starbucks owns both brands) Tazo will still be available at retailers.

    Coffee Culture on Larry Uteck is now independent and called Cafe by Michel. Coffee Culture though is planning to open a location on Windmill in the same area as Cheese Curds/ Habaneros.

    A waxing spot called WaxON (Halifax to Brazil in 15 minutes) is taking over the Spring Garden spot that was most recently Charm Diamond.


    Happy 5th Anniversary to I Love Local


    Seven Bays Bouldering the new climbing gym on Gottingen is going to have a license cafe.

    Excitement in Clayton Park, Burrito Jax is opening an outlet in the old Glen Eagle bakery spot beside Sobeys on Lacewood.

    Lou Lou handbags in Scotia Square is closing up shop.

    Halifax’s newest microbrewery Wrought Iron Brewing is going to have a pub at their Robie St home (across the street from Bloomfield)

    Relish! is opening a second “Halifax” location but that is all I know so far.

    Sugar Shok moved across the street and already a vape shop in to the replace the old spot.


  • Aritzia coming to town, ReTales Milestones.

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    It was 3 years ago this month that I launched this idea. This week I cracked 5000 followers on twitter and 3000 likes on Facebook .  So a hearty thank you to all.

    The Halifax Ferry Terminal Starbucks is closed until spring as the city cleans up a bit of sewage  problem under the terminal.

    Changes continue at Halifax Shopping Centre, Kernels is gone and reports say Birks is closing on the 24th. The recently departed RW & Co lease has been sold to Aritzia who are looking to have the space opened for May.

    The space behind Genji on Wyse/Boland in Dartmouth is going to be the Portuguese Social Club, it will be private members but they will be having public events.

    Freak Lunchbox has purchased the former Hilltribe building a few doors down from their original downtown home. Great to see them making a commitment to their roots.

    The people of Tantallon want slightly classier fried chicken. This week saw the opening of Mary Brown’s in the former KFC space.

    Sackville welcomed Purdys Pub this week in the most recently Angles space.

    Sometimes I get things wrong, the Lawtons is not renovating and moving in the old Sobeys space on Primrose in Dartmouth. The Lawtons is renovating but staying put, and the Sobeys has been sub divided to new spaces.

    The corner of Gottingen and Kaye, most recently Je T’aime and Caribbean Twist is being converted into a pawn shop.

    Did not realize that East Side Marios was now part of the Swiss Chalet, Montanas, Harvey’s family.

    Cucina Moderna has decided not to renew their Sunnyside store at the end of next month. MicMac and the original City Centre store remain.

    SushiJet likes Halifax, they are opening a 2nd location on Spring Garden in the space recently occupied by Estia.

    and Global decided to have a talk with me Watch it Here





  • Brewdebakers closes, East Side Marios to SGR?

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    Happy 2015, retail has started of with a stabbing at the Mumford Walmart and a Bear macing at the Spryfiled Canadian Tire but hopefully those trends won’t continue.

    Brewdebakers closed up after New Years Eve, staff had no idea just received an email on New Years telling them they were done. The sign on both Clayton Park and Burnside doors says “Closed Until Further Notice, Sorry for any inconvenience” quite a few people upset about losing out on Gift Cards that were sold with a special promotion that started January 2. No word on if this affects the similarly owned Ardmore Tea Room.

    Mexx has started the liquidation of their stores.

    RW&Co has closed in the Halifax Shopping Centre. Also RUMOURS of Birks, Reitmans and Sears closing but all three have said not true.

    Pizza Pizza on Grafton Street closed.


    Too Soon?


    Looks like East Side Marios will be replacing Pizza Delight on Spring Garden Rd, with PD closing near the end of this month.

    Maritime Frame-It after 50 years on Spring Garden is closing.

    The Seahorse on Argyle St closed after 65 years. A new location has opened on Gottingen.

    Rite Fit kids clothing store who closed earlier in 2014 will be liquidating their stock at the Halifax Forum starting Jan 7th.


    Surprised that Chocolate Milk isn’t a standard Daily Nutritional