• Walmart Enters Atlantic Market Superstore Wins, More eats for the Pedway People

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    Since entering the Atlantic Provinces last Fall WalMart has captured 2.3% of the grocery market. In that same period Loblaws stores managed to pick up another 4.4%, Sobeys is down 3.2% Costco down 0.5% Other losses are to small guys like Foodlands, coops, and other independents.

    Keith’s had a PR problem when someone late night tweeted “Sluts like Keith’s” from the official Keith’s twitter account. Labatt released that released a statement that said they were “hacked”, I guess hacked means they don’t know which stupid employee tweeted it.

    The Seahorse is done tonight in it’s original location.

    Freshii and Thai Express entered the Scotia Square food court, Korean Garden and their “crack” Chicken return next week. Mezza was scheduled for late November.  Former tenant of the SS Food Court Dill Pickle is now operating beside Boston Pizza on Granville.

    Also for the folks who work in the pedways, Italian Market is opening a prepred food counter where Coffee and Colours was in Barrington Place. They will have all the sandwiches, entrees, salads etc. that people love on  Young St.


  • Mizu and Sephora opening in Dartmouth, Moxies in Bayers Lake

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    Mizu, the all you can eat sushi and thai spot going in where Hamachi Grill was on Portland St. Is scheduled to open on Tuesday.

    Sephora in Mic Mac opens this Friday in Mic Mac Mall.

    2 follow ups to items I posted earlier this year, Scotiabank renaming officially announced for Bayers Lake Cineplex and Moxies Halifax location will be going in the end unit beside Putting Edge in Bayers Lake.

    City Streets closed all its NS and NL stores.

    Cash Money opens in the former Downsview Tims.



  • Nestle TollHouse ReOpens, HSC Changes, Brown Hound Down

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    Changes at Halifax Shopping Centre: -Food court to basement level where bowling alley was new escalators going in where Lawtons currently is. -Lawtons to old Dollarama -RUMOUR: H&M expected to move in what is currently food court. -RUMOUR: Zara in where service Canada was in Tower 2

    Bzf93NuCAAALPq1A deer got loose on Barrington and this is where my mind went


    Neat rental service to class up and event Make Merry Events, I really like the vintage feel it feels upscale but warm at the same time.

    Partys R Us has had its doors closed at the Halifax hopping Centre Annex.


    Penhorn is getting a Starbucks

    The Brown Hound on Argyle is done,after a name change from Pipa this summer, the new idea didn’t take and they have now closed their doors.

    A Stitches opened in Bayers Lake where West 49 recently left.

    Retraction: Nestle Toll House, reopened this week but there are franchising issues.


    and today makes 1001 days of HalifaxReTales , what started as an idea of having a twitter account, noticing when things are opening has blossomed into something more. I thank all of you for your support.



  • The Carrot Opens, Windmill Rd Coffee, Robie St Station

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    Another successful City Harvest went by yesterday, great to see folks out and about enjoying the best of our city.

    The Carrot  opened yesterday a project I have been volunteering with for a while, it was very satisfying to open the doors and bring fresh market idea to Gottingen.

    Nestle Toll House at Spring Garden and Queen seems to have closed as of Thursday.

    A coffee house the Darkside Cafe is coming to residential part of Windmill Rd

    The Starbucks on the Burnside part  of Windmill Rd opened this week.

    JoeLees cafe is opening in the St Vincent development on Dutch Village Rd.

    Robie St Station the all day breakfast restaurant opened where janes on the common used to be .

    KFC in Tantallon closed and already signs up that a Mary Browns is coming soon.

    The Colby Beverage Room has changed its name to The British Bulldog Gastro Pub.

    Hillcrest VW was purchased by the O’Reagan’s group



  • Freshii Burnside, Mezza Sackvile,Wing N It , Tiny Dog Daycare

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    Freshii, who had already announced that they were opening in Scotia Square food court is also now opening in Burnside. The former Dairy Queen is being converted over to the salad chain.

    Mezza Kitchen who is also opening in Scotia Square announced that they will be bringing their Lebanese goodness to Downsview Plaza in Sackville.

    XS Cargo has started to slow liquidate the local stores, XS Cargo who was facing bankruptcy was bought up by Western Canadian liquidator Fields.  One or both of the metro stores will be converted to Fields as they kill off the XS Cargo name, this will also mean a shift to clothing over electronics.

    Wing’n It,will open in place on WingDings in Cole Harbour on Monday.

    There is an unconfirmed RUMOUR that Rouges Roost has been purchased by a PEI Brewer.

    Previously mentioned here that a Tims and Wendys were going in beside the Enfield Big Stop. The signage went up and it is a Burger King Drive Thru and a Tim Hortons going in. This was not part of their new partnership just a preplanned coincidence.

    Signage has  been removed from the Oxford Theatre,it is not closed or closing it is just being Cineplex’d up.

    Signs are now on the door that Kababji in Burnside has indeed closed.

    Seadogs on Gottingen St has reopened under new management after closing a couple weeks ago.

    Where the Turkish Food Shop opened and closed recently on  Bedford Highway has new signage up,saying it will be Vietnamese Specialty Food.

    a Subway Cafe has opened in the Sackville Sports Stadium, Pumpkin Spice Latte with your BMT!

    Petite Urban Pooch a doggy daycare targeted at the under 20lbdogs opens tomorrow on Isleville.

    Looking for fun today? 11-3at Bishops Landing. Food Struck, Poppa Smokes, Airstream Cafe &  Halifax Press will all be in one place for your Food Truck needs and there is no admission.

    Next Saturday is City Harvest, I Local HFX annual event, ilovelocalhfx.ca forfulllisting andi have Started on the map

    City Harvest 2014 Map