• Maritime Pasty Closing, “Seahorse” On The Move, Quinpool Changes

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    A special Monday morning update as so much came up yesterday



    First the terrible fire that cost Ravensburg College, RCR Hospitality (parent of Onyx, Bistro le Coq, Waterfront Warehouse. The Arms and Cut) and National Art (parent of Maritime Frameit) their HQ’s

    A few new things happening on Quinpool. Shawarma Stop has popped up where Extreme Pita was , and across the street where Halifax Cycle was is now the DeckBox, a Pokemon, Magic and YuGiOh shop.

    Also on Quinpool, Beads R Us are starting their liquidation as they are closing up the business.

    Maritime Pasty makers of tasty donuts and Cornish pastys in the Seaport,announced that the weekend of October 4th is their last, they lost their commercial kitchen at he Forum due to renos and have decided to follow their family to Toronto.

    The Seahorse is officially moving from their Argyle St home to the basement of the Marquee on Gottingen. I reported this at the beginning of August but at the time it was denied with the vague statement “The Seahorse will never close”. Well now its a reality, but you cant move an icon! Over the last 25 years the Seahorse had already morphed from its original roots as just an underground dive to it’s current self as a concert bar. Moving it does not make the new location The Seahorse, the seahorse is those rounded doors on Argyle St. You can’t put the 78th Highlanders on Geiser’s Hill at the transmission towers in Fairview and call it the Citadel, it just doesn’t work that way. I look forward to having the new venue in my neighbourhood but I think its silly to call it the Seahorse.







  • World Tea House to Bedford, Classic Fish and Chips Closes

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    Another bit of Downtown coming to Bedford. First Il Mercato then Freak Lunchbox, then Taz, Then Turbine, the Middle Spoon is on its way and now World Tea House has announced that they are opening in Sunnyside this Fall.

    Saint Lou’s and Sailor Bups barbershops had an anonymous complaint filed against them. Bothe were visited by the police and told to stop offering,complimentary beers to patrons while they waited. Both had previously been told it wasn’t a problem.

    Aaron’s Furniture is taking over the old Pizza Delight space on Tacoma.

    Classic Fish and Chips in Cole Harbour has closed.

    Nine West opens their store in Mic Mac on Monday.

    SeaDogs the gay sauna and spa on Gottingen,has closed.

    Eats and Urban Lunch Counter opens on Baker Dr. tomorrow.

    PetSmart has set an open date of October 18 for their new Bayers Lake store.

    The Carrot on Gottingen is aiming to open on September 26th.

    Ireland’s Primark is expanding to North America, Boston store open next year Canada expansion starts in 2017.

    Yankee Candle is opening 50locations across Canada in the next 2 years good chance we will see 1 or 2 of them here.

    and mark your calendars City Harvest is on Oct 4th


  • Barbers No Longer Allowed To Offer Beer

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    A courtesy drink while you wait, a coffee, a tea, a soda maybe a beer? Well there are many places that have offered drinks while you wait or are spending time in a retail establishment. This has been common practice at fine Menswear stores, Bridal Salons, higher end Hair Salons, Photography Studios, Event Planners and many more for years, However today the working mans hero the Barber was the subject of police visits. Saint Lou’s and Sailor Bups have both been offering  a complimentary beverage including beer while you wait, I personally have never taken up the opportunity when offered, but it is a nice touch to treat customers as you would friends. Both Barbershops made the proper inquiries with licensing board and we’re told they didn’t need one. However HPD had an “anonymous” complaint about the Barbers and today the Barbers were asked to stop offering beer.

    I hope this is just a temporary mistake and the tradition of treating customers like friends can continue, we need more of that in our lives not less.




  • Independant Mercantile Opens, Michael’s Closes and more

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    The Independent Mercantile Co. opens on Gottingen today, this the gift and housewares store from the folks that brought you Biscuit.

    Brilliant Boutique opened on Birmingham, Brilliant and its sister Room 152 on Portland St. arefrom the former co-owner and manager of Crimson & Clover.


    Krave Burger opened their doors and they have a tasty creamy Mac N Cheese

    Frosting, a cake store, opened on Ochterloney not far from Sullivans Pond.

    Another Spencer’s Gifts is close to opening in Halifax Shopping Centre.

    Eats,Urban Lunch Counter which owner Richard Julien describes as “Think-a deli mashed with a bistro , hit with a food truck” opens on Baker Dr. Sept 15th.


    That’s the end of Greek Village who a couple years ago moved out of their old space into the old Athens, just to move back to their cosy spot. It’s being replaced by Modern Shanghai

    I posted the final results of my Big Day Downtown on its own site http://a2z.retales.ca

    Woody’s BBQ reopens Monday in Dartmouth Crossing under new franchise ownership. In the words of Jud Crandall in Stephen King’s Pet Semetary “Sometimes dead is better”

    Gahan House is now open in Historic Properties, great to have that space active again.

    The fate of Michael's Bar is now known

    The fate of Michael’s Bar is now known

    Quantum Frontier has successfully moved across the intersection on Robie, and yes the Tardis found the new co-ordinates.

    and finally mark you calendars Saturday October 4th is City Harvest, Open City’s autumn sibling.

  • BK Tims, Brilliant Boutique, Inkwell woes, Downtown Dartmouth Resurgance

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    D932348A-6257-4633-B122-F83553DB0FBB  Little Mysteries on Barrington St. closed its doors last weekend after 20 years, I wonder where the Wicca community goes now?

    Of course the big news was Burger King acquiring Tim Hortons and moving BK headquarters to Canada. I expect very little change in Tim Hortons though I would expect BK outlets will get a more cafe vibe over the next couple years, and start selling Tims. I doubt you will see much Burger King in Tims. What it does mean is that BK will likely push the Tims name worldwide so you will more likely be able get a double double in more locations.

    The other thing that keeps getting asked is what about those Wendys/Tims? These existed before Wendys owned Tims and they will exist after. The franchisees have separate agreements in place with each company; think of them isolated food courts.

    Kababji Lebanese put a sign on the door, 3 weeks ago saying closed for renovations. No one has seen any activity, their Facebook page has disappeared and their voice mail is always full. So not officially closed but I am willing to say it’s done.


    Great little sign, the used and consignment shops of Queen St in Halifax have got together and marketed themselves as one. Bold idea

    Brillant Boutique Halifax

    Just on the flipside of Vintage Row on Birmingham is Brilliant Boutique which opens on Tuesday, new and “gently worn” ladies fashions

    Lebanese is returning to Scotia Square food court, Mezza Kitchen will be going in to serve the crowds. It’s still pretty crappy how Ray left the food court, but Mezza is also a local, and has good grub. (Unpopular statement: I actually choose Mezza over Rays for my Burnside lunches)

    Wow Downtown Dartmouth is having a good time ; Room 152, a women’s fashions shop opened Friday ,Bodega Boutique Men’s and Women’s Fashion opening soon. P’lovers Canada is coming to the east side of the harbour in the fall, across from the Post Office in the old Dartmouth Yarns who quickly took over the old Fishers space. Frosting cake store is coming next week to Ochtorloney toward the pond. As well Piatto is announced for 2015 (Kings Wharf)


    Elles Bistro Barrington Halifax

    New eats for Barrington, I understand Elle has been a server at Cousins for the last decade, so I expect to see some favourites.

    Odd but true, The Petro Canada at the airport is closing on Tuesday, but Irving will be ready with a nearby popup gas station and convenience store, while they build a new station. There will be an instant bonus as Irving will operate 24/7.

    Word came out that the city is allowing the new Convention Centre to close Market St between Sackville & Prince to all traffic, vehicle or pedestrian, starting on Tuesday for 2 weeks. Problem is Inkwell and Applehead Studios have their front doors in that space and were not warned until a Thursday, when a tweet went out that they wouldn’t have access to their business. After an outcry from the community, provisions re being made as they should have been in the first place and special access will be built so these but remain open.

    Renovations have begun at the old Primrose Sobeys in North End Dartmouth. Lawtons will be building a replacement store in that space (not confirmed but very likely just need Lawtons to confirm)

    Hibiki Halifax

    I love when niche stores open,I hope they do well