Tacos, Burritos, and Jerk Chicken

Next weekend Jamaica Vibes is opening on Cole Harbour Rd where Cole's was.  The menu looks great, looking forward to trying it. The Starbucks in the Wyse Rd. DoubleTree opens on the 22nd Subway has opened their new store at Downsview complete with Drive-thru and all the new corporate branding.? Bedford Commons and former Downsview location [...]

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Quilts, Strippers and Nostalgia

As is traditional in January the closes keep coming but there is is also new ideas for a new year But I always try and start with the good news; Seam Work will be [...]

Where to Eat 50 Years Ago!

Well, I like to collect old data, and this time I present the probably incomplete guide of where to eat and drink (restaurants, bars, delis, department stores and bakeries) in [...]

Upcoming January Closures

The stores have Easter and Valentines candy out and I have another small update. A few upcoming closures •Sukiyaki in the Mic Mac Mall food court is closing due to [...]

Chains and a New Brewery

It's a small update this week, so I will discard the regular formatting and just get into it. The Subway at the new Dartmouth 4 Pad hockey arena on Commodore Dr. in [...]

A review of The Coast’s 25 all right list

Editor's Note: This is a piece written by guest contributor Mach Zreik, who you can find on twitter @machzy Let me preface this review by saying that I'm just an ordinary [...]

Ramen, Levi’s, Humble Hippy

Buta Ramen now open on Morris (where Hamachi was) Tang Shun Chinese Cuisine is close to opening on Larry Uteck; it is going in where Hamachi Mura was. The [...]